ServiceStage is a one-stop DevOps platform for enterprises and developers. ServiceStage supports full lifecycle management including development, management, deployment, O&M, and monitoring, and offers large-scale container cluster management and middleware services. With ServiceStage, you can quickly build cloud-based distributed applications.

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Product Description

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Product description for ServiceStage

Product Advantages

Microservice Building and Governance

Provides a microservice framework and rich microservice governance features for you to quickly build distributed microservice applications.

The microservice framework supports multiple programming languages and protocols.

Application Scheduling and Orchestration

Provides large-scale application scheduling and management functions, optimizing resource usage and reducing service cost.

Trace Chain Analysis

Monitors trace chains and performance of microservices, helping you locate faults and performance bottlenecks.

Middleware Services

Provides middleware services and service access functions, supporting the cloudification of existing and new services.

Product Architecture

Application Scenarios

Mobile Cloud

Streamlines development and OM activities, provides DevOps pipelines to quickly build applications and automatically deploy them, and makes your business more agile and responsive to fast-changing market.

E-Government Cloud

Provides private cloud and public cloud solutions to mass, distributed, and complex government data, streamlines management and service systems, and securely and efficiently digitalizes management and operations.

Internet of Things

Delivers standardized solutions that support multiple programming languages; transforms years of software and hardware technology research into the capability to establish high-speed, high-performance communication between things and IoT.

Enterprise Applications

Uses open source framework (such as microservice framework) and middleware to optimizes application architecture design and improve development and OM efficiency.

Function Description

Application Management

Lists all applications created and provides lifecycle management for them.

Service Catalog

Offers middleware services available for subscription and binding with applications.


Facilitates the design of a group of applications and their runtime elements. Orchestration provides functions such as topology description, networking design, automated deployment, upgrade, and uninstallation. After application modeling, application components are assigned to the proper nodes.

Microservice Governance

Dynamically manages microservices based on the operation behavior of applications and their microservices, improving system availability.

Operation and Maintenance

Offers O&M and monitoring of resources and applications, helping you understand resource usage, trends, and alarms.

Security Services

Allocates working keys and certificates for users' projects to protect sensitive data of tenants. Implements real-time monitoring of running containers to identify potential threats. Audits tenants' operations to identify abnormal operations.