Tag Management Service

Tag Management Service (TMS) is a visualized service for fast and unified tag management that allows you to tag and categorize cloud services across regions

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By classifying resources with tags, you can quickly search for and conveniently manage the resources as needed

Easy to Use

You can customize costing by interconnecting TMS with the billing system and filtering cost items of interest


By planning tags as services require, you can improves tag management efficiency


You can manage all services of all regions in a fast and unified way

Application Scenarios

  • Resource Management

Resource Management

Centralized tag management

Supports tag search of all services in all regions and provides a visualized interface for you to manage tags in batches


  • Global management

    Provides global management capabilities as tag management is not restricted by services

  • Resource search by setting the tag combination

    Supports quick resource search based on the combination of multiple tags

  • Efficient management

    Supports batch operations on tags of multiple resources

Recommended combinations



New Features

TMS launch
Support for centralized management of resource tags
Support for predefined tag management

Function Description

Search for resource tags

Resource search of all services in all regions is supported. Resource search based on the combination of multiple tags is supported

Resource tag management

A visualized interface is provided for adding, deleting, modifying, or searching for resource tags. Batch operations on resource tags are supported

Predefined tag management

You can create tags before associating them with resources for efficient planning and management of predefined tags

Import and export of tags

Import and export tags for more efficient resource data migration