No infrastructure needs to be managed, no maintenance cost, and services provisioned within seconds. Provides standard SQL and is compatible with SparkSQL, conforming to users' operation habits.

Flexible Exploration

Supports query and exploration on multiple data sources on the cloud without complex data loading and conversion. Explores and analyzes data in multiple formats within any analysis dimension.


Ensures exclusive usage of computing resources of different tenants to ensure SLA; Limits data rights to tables or columns to facilitate refined data management.


With unlimited expansion capabilities of OBS, expands data scale from GB level to EB level. Automatic and flexible expansion without user awareness, allowing for worry-free resource provisioning.

Application Scenarios

  • Historical Data Query

  • Large-Scale Log Analysis

  • Archive Data Analysis

Historical Data Query

IoT: Fleet Management

In China, there are millions of cargo fleets under extensive management and with high costs. UQuery can analyze driving behaviors based on historical data and play back transportation routes, helping the fleet implement refined monitoring to reduce management costs.


  • Huge Volumes of Data

    Data of the corresponding table can be stored in the OBS, with GB to EB scalability.

  • No Data Conversion

    SQL analyzes historical data on the OBS, without complex loading or conversion.

  • Multiple Data Formats

    Data in the OBS is analyzed in raw formats, such as TXT, CSV, JSON, Parquet, and ORC.

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Large-Scale Log Analysis

Online Education: Learning Behavior Analysis

The logs of students' learning process are recorded in the public cloud OBS. UQuery analyzes the learning behaviors and provides reference for teachers, parents, and students to improve the learning efficiency.


  • Low Cost

    Huge volumes of log data is stored in the OBS with low cost.

  • Easy-to-use

    SQL analysis does not require extra system setup or complex processing programs.

  • Flexible Exploration

    Data can be queried and analyzed in terms of learning durations, correctness ratio in quizzes, and associated knowledge points. Data exploration and analysis are flexible and innovative, with fast rollout functionality.

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Archive Data Analysis

Archive Data Analysis

After a large amount of data is accumulated in various databases of a geological exploration company, the data needs to be archived and stored in the OBS to save capacity and cost. UQuery is used to audit, compare, and analyze the archived data on the cloud.


  • Easy Data Migration

    The CDM migrates data to the OBS without manual operations.

  • Quick Analysis

    UQuery analyzes archived data without migrating data back to the database.

  • Low Cost

    Data is archived in the OBS with low cost.

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Function Description

Standard Interfaces and Low-Entry Analysis

Provides multiple modes and supports standard SQL to adapt to user habits.

  • Compatible with Web Console and RESTFul APIs, with multiple usage modes.

  • Standard SQL2003, compatible with SparkSQL/HQL and TPC-H/TPC-DS.

Directly Query OBS Data

Queries and explores OBS data, which is easy to use and flexible.

  • Storage and compute are separated. Data can be stored on the OBS. UQuery allows you to use SQL to query OBS data.

  • Supports spontaneous on-demand exploration. You can explore data without the need to prepare any resources in advance or destroy the data afterwards.

Security and Availability

Complete authentication system and 99.999999999 (eleven nines) data reliability, providing secure and available services.

  • Security Authentication System:HUAWEI CLOUD has passed the following authentications: C-STAR, Trusted Cloud by MIIT China, Cloud Service Cybersecurity Evaluation by the Cyberspace Administration of China, Cloud Service Classified Protection Level III by the MPS China, and ISO27001:2015.

  • User security is ensured by access authentication, internal communication encryption within a service, cross-domain bidirectional authentication, and data transmission encryption.

Fine-Grained Tenant Management

Allocates dedicated resources to each tenant and allows for fine-grained data permission control.

  • Resource queues can be applied for by tenant. Enterprise tenants can specify resource queues for users in different departments to isolate computing resources and ensure the SLA of each department.

  • Enterprise administrators can perform data permission control on internal users, such as creating and deleting tables and querying some columns.


UQuery: Product Overview

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