Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you to establish a secure and encrypted communication tunnel that is compliant with industry standards between your data center and your VPC on HUAWEI CLOUD. It helps you seamlessly extend services in your data center to the cloud.

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Product Advantages

Seamless Resource Extension

With VPN, you can connect your data center to your VPC and quickly extend services in your data center to HUAWEI CLOUD.

High Data Security and Reliability

VPN encrypts data using the hardware-based Internet Key Exchange (IKE) and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), ensuring data security and reliability.

Low-Cost Connection

VPN enables you to build a transmission channel based on the Internet, lowering your cost.

Convenient Provisioning and Management

You can enable the VPN service easily by specifying required parameters on the console and configuring the VPN in your data center.

Application Scenarios

Extend Your Applications to the Cloud

By establishing a VPN connection between the VPC and your data center, you can deploy applications on HUAWEI CLOUD and database services in your data center.

Extend Your Data Center Network to the Cloud

By connecting the VPC and your corporate network using a VPN connection, you can add more compute capacity at the application layer by leveraging the scalability and elasticity of the cloud.

Perform Application-level Remote DR

With a VPN connection, you can deploy applications both on the cloud and in your data center, enabling remote disaster recovery (DR).

Function Description

WAN-based Secure Channel

The VPN uses the hardware-based IPsec encryption tunnel technology to build WAN-based secure transmission channels.

Quick Connection and Scalability

The VPN supports connection from your Internet Data Center (IDC) equipment room to your VPC in the HUAWEI CLOUD resource pool, enabling elastic scaling of your applications and services.