Web Application Firewall

Based on Huawei's extensive experience with intrusion defense, WAF is designed to keep your website stable and secure. It examines all HTTP/HTTPS requests to detect and block attacks such as SQL injections, XSS, Trojan horses, CC attacks, malicious crawlers, and third-party vulnerability exploits

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WAF can be enabled with just a single click and takes effect in seconds. It does not require plug-ins and is suitable for all web frameworks


WAF identifies OWASP common vulnerabilities and defends against various intrusions such as CC attacks. It also has robust options for policy customization


WAF ensures security by updating its detection rules within 24 hours of the disclosure of 0-day vulnerabilities


WAF uses Big Data analysis to uncover hidden threats, and it collaborates with other cloud services to build a solid defense system

Application Scenarios

  • Data Leakage

  • Urgent Vulnerability

  • CC Attack

Data Leakage

Data Leakage

Attackers can use SQL injection attacks and Trojan horses to steal data from their targets' databases. WAF secures your data by identifying OWASP common vulnerabilities and blocking these attacks


  • Precise Identification

    Semantics analysis + regex for precise detection

  • Strong Bypass Prevention

    Smart identification of disguised strings

Urgent Vulnerability

Urgent Vulnerability

Services cannot resume quickly in cases of 0day vulnerabilities in third-party frameworks or plug-ins. WAF provides virtual patches against any attacks based on these vulnerabilities


  • Swift Response

    Patching vulnerabilities even before vendors can take action

  • Lower Cost

    Hot-patching to prevent losses caused by service interruption

CC Attack

CC Attack

WAF can be used to defend against and mitigate CC attacks to avoid server failure caused by large numbers of malicious requests (as in an HTTP flood)


  • Flexible Rate Limiting

    Rate limiting based on IP addresses or cookies

  • Response Customization

    Customized responses to meet your particular needs

Function Description

Web Attack Defense

Identifies OWASP common vulnerabilities; detects and intercepts malicious scanners, IP addresses, and Trojan horses

  • Complete Protection

    Detects and intercepts threats such as SQL injections, XSS, Trojan horses, and third-party vulnerability exploits

  • Precise Identification

    Semantics analysis + regex reduces misreporting; intelligent identification prevents string disguise attacks

CC Attack Defense

Adopts rate limits and man/machine distinction to reduce impacts of CC attacks on services

  • Fine-Grained Flexibility

    Rate limiting policies configurable by IP address or cookie

  • Returned Page Customization

    Customizable content and types of returned pages to address diversified needs

Visualized Security

Provides a user-friendly GUI for viewing real-time attack information and event logs

  • Centralized Policy Configuration

    Central on-console configuration, rapid delivery, and immediate implementation of policies

  • Real-Time Event Information

    Real-time information provided, such as access times, security events, and logs

Access Control

Offers precise, powerful access control policies based on various combinations of parameter and logics conditions

  • Rich Variety of Parameter Conditions

    Based on condition combinations of common HTTP parameters such as IP, URL, Referer, User-Agent, and Args

  • Various Logics Conditions

    Blocking or releasing based on logics conditions such as Include, Exclude, Equal to, Not equal to, and Prefix equal to