Service Assurance

24/7 Service Support

If you need assistance with HUAWEI CLOUD services, please submit a service ticket or call our hotline +86-4000-955-988. Contact Us

After-Sales Support Scope

5-Day Full Refund

If you are not satisfied with a prepaid product after purchase, you can apply for a full refund within five days of the purchase. Call our hotline at +86-4000-955-988 (available Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM GMT+08:00).


  • Submit a refund request.
  • Review and
    confirm the request.
  • Generate a
    refund receipt.
  • Complete the refund.

Fault Compensation Policy

If the HUAWEI CLOUD service platform causes a fault that makes your cloud services unavailable, we will compensate you with 100 times the cost of the fault duration.

If a fault occurs, contact our hotline for assistance at +86-4000-955-988 (available Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM GMT+08:00). If you are eligible for compensation under the conditions of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the associated product, submit a compensation application within seven days of the fault.


After-Sales Support

Services Provided

Product function consultation

Technical issue consultation

Operation-related fault diagnosis

System issue-related fault diagnosis

Consultation and fault diagnosis for the management console

Services Not Provided

Deployment and commissioning of third-party application software

Fault diagnosis for and analysis of third-party software

Code development

Routine O&M services

As HUAWEI CLOUD services continue to grow, we are in the process of expanding the scope of our after-sales support to provide more comprehensive service to our customers. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Details About the Refund

  • 1.5-Day Full Refund

    Within 5 days of purchasing a prepaid product, you can request a full refund through the HUAWEI CLOUD Billing Center.

    Refund amount = Your actual payment

  • 2.Other Refunds

    If more than 5 days have elapsed since your purchase of a prepaid product or the maximum number of 5-day full refunds has been reached, you can request a partial refund through the HUAWEI CLOUD Billing Center.

    Refund amount = Your actual payment – Handling fee – Amount due

    Your actual payment refers to the payment in cash and/or flexi-purchase coupons, not including any payment in cash coupons.

    Amount due = Your actual payment × (Actual product usage period/Subscribed product usage period)

  • The handling fee varies by product category and actual product usage period.

    Product Category Actual Product Usage Period ≤ 1 Year 1 Year < Actual Product Usage Period ≤ 2 Years 2 Years < Actual Product Usage Period ≤ 3 Years
    3-year prepaid product Handling fee = 15% of your actual payment Handling fee = 10% of your actual payment Handling fee = 5% of your actual payment
    2-year prepaid product Handling fee = 15% of your actual payment Handling fee = 10% of your actual payment /
    1-year prepaid product Handling fee = 10% of your actual payment / /
    Monthly prepaid product Handling fee = 10% of your actual payment / /
  • 3.Refund Conditions

    Prepaid products (for example, those billed on an hourly, monthly, or yearly basis) are refundable. The following cloud resources are not refundable:

    - Cloud resources labeled by the HUAWEI CLOUD website or your contract as non-refundable

    - Pay-per-use resources (including pay-per-use packages)

    - Cloud resources in the grace or reservation period

    - Cloud resources that are not covered by refund scenarios

  • 4.Refund Limit

    - 5-day full refund: 10 refunds/account/year

    - Other refunds: unlimited refunds

  • Warning:

    Before requesting a refund, ensure that you have migrated or backed up any data saved on the cloud resources that will be refunded. After a refund is complete, the refunded cloud resources and any data they contain will be permanently deleted.


Details About Reward for the ICP License Service

Who Qualifies

Customers who have used HUAWEI CLOUD host resources with monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Cloud hosts must be used for websites and it is the customers' first time recording their websites using HUAWEI CLOUD services

A customer's accumulated recharge amount must exceed 200. Each account can only get the reward once

If a customer terminates his or her service in advance or the service expires and is not renewed, the customer is not eligible for the reward.If a transaction is not fully completed, customers cannot get the reward.If the transaction is delayed for 10 days, customers are considered to have abandoned the reward.Customers are eligible for the reward if the transaction was submitted to the Telecommunications Authority and approved.

Rewarding Method

Customer can get a reward based on the HUAWEI CLOUD account

Reward time: After a successful transaction, the reward amount will be recharged to corresponding user accounts within one week

Reward amount: Each common user's reward amount is 100. Each VIP user's reward amount is 200. The reward amount is valid for one year and cannot be withdrawn


Fault Compensation Policy Details

You will be compensated with 100 times the cost of the fault duration in the following scenarios:

•HUAWEI CLOUD causes cloud servers, cloud storage services, or network services to be unavailable, resulting in service exceptions or interruptions.

•The HUAWEI CLOUD service platform causes customer websites to become inaccessible.

You will be compensated within 2 times the cost of the fault duration in the following scenarios:

•HUAWEI CLOUD causes a delay or failure in provisioning cloud services or changing service configurations.

•HUAWEI CLOUD has incorrect billing of cloud services.

Compensation amount = Daily cost of service that experienced a fault ÷ 24 ÷ 60 × (Fault rectification time – Fault start time) × Compensation times

No compensation will be awarded if faults occur due to the following reasons:

•Force majeure: Natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, fires, droughts, earthquakes, snowstorms, and landslides

•Unexpected events such as war, political turmoil, power failures, government interventions, strikes, embargoes and market crashes

•HUAWEI CLOUD service maintenance, including cutovers, repairs, and upgrades (Customers are notified in advance of upcoming scheduled maintenance.)

•Packet loss and delays caused by carrier faults

•Faults in the Internet backbone

•User applications being affected by attacks or viruses

•User access being affected by network performance and device performance

•Loss or disclosure of data, verification codes, or passwords due to improper user operations

•Loss caused by user negligence or user-authorized operations

•User violation of the Terms and Conditions or relevant laws or regulations

•Other unforeseeable events not caused by HUAWEI CLOUD