Cloud Data Migration

Cloud Data Migration (CDM) implements data mobility by enabling batch data migration among homogeneous and heterogeneous data sources. It supports on-premises and public-cloud-based data sources, including file systems, relational databases, data warehouses, NoSQL, big data, and object storage.

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Product Advantages
  • Heterogeneous Data Sources

    On-premises and cloud-based data migrations among nearly 20 types of data sources are supported.

  • Ease of Use

    The wizard-based development interface frees you from complex programming and helps you quickly develop migration tasks.

  • High Migration Efficiency

    The distributed computing framework ensures high-performance data migration and optimal data writing of specific data sources.

  • Low Cost

    You only pay for what you use and do not need to build dedicated hardware and software.

Application Scenarios
  • Data Migrated to Cloud

  • Heterogeneous Data Synchronization

  • Data Migrated to On-Premises

  • Incremental Data Migration

Data Migrated to Cloud

Migrating Enterprise Data to the Cloud

Big data cloud services can replace or back up on-premises big data platforms and support full migration of massive amounts of data.


Various Data Sources

Support for relational databases, big data, files, NoSQL, and many other data sources ensures a wide application scope.

Easy to Use

Wizard-based task management provides out-of-the-box usability.

Secure and Efficient

Fully-managed services ensure security and enhance the migration performance of Hive, HBase, and DWS.

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Heterogeneous Data Synchronization

Migrating Data Between Cloud Services

Data is migrated between services on HUAWEI CLOUD, achieving data mobility.


Heterogeneous Data Sources

Structured and unstructured data can be directly migrated.


Data is migrated between tenant VPCs rather than being written to local disks, thereby improving efficiency and security.

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Data Migrated to On-Premises

Migrating Data to On-Premises Systems

Computing resources on the public cloud can be used to process huge data sets. The processing results are then returned to on-premises service systems (relational databases and file systems).


Various On-Premises Service Systems

Analysis results can be returned to various on-premises databases or file systems.

Easy to Use

Wizard-based task management provides out-of-the-box usability.

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Incremental Data Migration

Migrating Incremental Data

After a full synchronization is performed, incremental data needs to be synchronized.


Incremental Data Synchronization

The scheduling system supports the WHERE clause used in migration jobs so that incremental synchronization can be implemented in an efficient manner.


The migration performance of DWS, Hive, and MySQL is improved.

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  • Heterogeneous Data Sources

    Data can be migrated among nearly 20 types of data sources.

  • Easy to Use

    The wizard-based task management interface simplifies data migration in complex scenarios.

  • Secure and Efficient

    Full and incremental (using the WHERE clause) data migrations are supported.

Heterogeneous Data Sources

  • FTP, SFTP, OBS, HDFS, and NAS (CIFS and SMB)

  • MRS (Hive, HDFS, and HBase), DWS, RDS, CloudTable, DIS, and Elasticsearch

  • MySQL, Oracle, Db2, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and on-premises databases and cloud services

  • NoSQL databases such as Redis and MongoDB, and cloud services such as DCS and DDS

Easy to Use

  • The task creation wizard helps you create data migration tasks in minutes.

  • RESTful APIs support integration or interconnection with third-party systems.

  • Data migration tasks are monitored so that you can ascertain the execution status of tasks and rapidly locate faults.

  • Dirty data that violates predefined rules is archived to OBS, making it easier to analyze abnormal data.

Secure and Efficient

  • Based on the distributed computing framework, tasks are automatically split into subtasks for concurrent execution.

  • Full and incremental (using the WHERE clause) data migrations are supported.

  • Data migration is optimized for different data sources, especially for Hive, HBase, MySQL, and DWS.

  • Data is not written to disks during data migration due to hosting and VM isolation, enhancing migration security.

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