CodeCheck is a cloud-based code quality management service for software developers. It enables users to manage and improve their code quality using code static checks, security checks, quality assessments, and code improvement trend analysis across multiple languages.

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Provides Huawei's own check rule sets.

Provides quality ratings and risk evaluations.


Locates specific defects and provides actionable repair advice.

Customizable check criteria focus on the defects users are most concerned about.


Supports checks for multiple programming languages, with the number of supported languages increasing constantly.

Starts with a single click, quickly filtering and fixing defects based on severity and type.



  • CodeCheck runs task instances consisting of codes, check rules, and check reports. CodeCheck clones code in CodeHub, obtains check rules from the rule library, generates check reports, and saves changes to task instances.
  • R&D and SEs use CodeCheck to check task instances. SEs can then run checks with customized rules when issues are found, and project managers can monitor and manage the code quality using generated check reports.

Application Scenarios

Web Application Security Check

Customer Challenge:

Web services are prone to DDoS attacks, illegal access, information leak, and other risks.


Security acceptance of online service delivery.

Project Quality Control

Customer Challenge:

Project managers strive to ensure quality from the beginning for project delivery quality, but there are often few effective tools for them to use. Currently, project quality depends largely on testing.


Project managers can use iterative delivery to enhance quality control.

Function Description

Multiple Programming Language Support

Supported languages include Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, JSP, C++, C#, and Python, and more languages are being continuously added.

Standard Checks

Standard Huawei check rule sets and supported scenarios are provided, including web check, security check, architecture check, and coding problems check.

Customized Checks

Users can customize their check rules using rule libraries to meet specific scenario requirements.

Repair Advice

Detailed impact descriptions, correct examples, incorrect examples, and repair advice are provided for each code defect found.

Categorized Processing

Users can prioritize defect processing based on the defect severity, type, language, or location.

Multi-dimensional Reports

Provides quality ratings, risk indexes, problem trends, and multiple code quality reports.

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