Direct Connect

Direct Connect establishes a high-speed, stable, and secure dedicated network connection that links your environment to HUAWEI CLOUD. With its low-latency design, Direct Connect maximizes cloud services and existing IT facilities to build a flexible, scalable hybrid cloud computing environment.

1GE port, ¥600/month; 10GE port, ¥5,100/month

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Product Advantages
  • Impenetrable Security

    Utilizing dedicated private connections and isolated networks, Direct Connect guarantees safe access to VPCs on HUAWEI CLOUD.

  • Seamless Expansion

    Your local data center can communicate with HUAWEI CLOUD resources through a direct connection for flexible and scalable hybrid deployment.

  • High Bandwidth

    A single direct connection supports a maximum bandwidth of 10 Gbit/s, meeting the typical requirements of customers.

  • Low Latency

    Data is transmitted through the dedicated network, which features high performance and low latency, making for an improved user experience.

Application Scenarios
  • Hybrid Deployment

  • Geographic Redundancy

Hybrid Deployment

Hybrid Deployment

Use Direct Connect to access VPCs on HUAWEI CLOUD. Leverage the fast and flexible scaling capabilities of the cloud to improve computing capacity at the application layer.


Hybrid Architecture

Accesses to multiple regions and flexible topology

Security and Reliability

Stable and dedicated network communications

High Performance

Direct Connect supports a maximum bandwidth of 10 Gbit/s.

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Geographic Redundancy

Geographic Redundancy

Use Direct Connect to access VPCs on HUAWEI CLOUD. In addition, deploy VPCs across different AZs to back up user data and services, which in turn allows for geographic redundancy.


Hybrid DR Architecture

A hybrid deployment with high performance ensures the stable, secure, and reliable running of services.

Cross-AZ DR Architecture Deployment

Deploy VPCs across AZs to ensure secure and reliable user access to resources.

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  • Secure and Reliable

    Various direct connections can be used to access VPCs ensuring the stable running of services.

  • Flexible Access

    Carriers or HUAWEI CLOUD access partners can be chosen for high-quality, low-cost access services.

Secure and Reliable

Flexible Access

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