Domain Name Service

Domain Name Service (DNS) is a highly available and scalable authoritative DNS service that translates domain names into IP addresses, reliably directing end users to your applications.


Product Advantages
  • Flexible Routing

    DNS routes traffic based on multiple criteria, including endpoint health and geographic region. You can configure traffic routing to resolve specific end user requests.

  • High Performance

    DNS leverages Huawei's global infrastructure to handle millions of concurrent queries on a single node, allowing your end users to quickly access the closest application endpoints that are healthy.

  • Easy to Use

    You can easily configure DNS settings using the console or APIs. DNS immediately handles queries once you create a zone and add record sets to it.

  • Robust Security

    DNS offers built-in DDoS mitigation and works with Anti-DDoS to ensure that requests from your legitimate end users are not affected.

Application Scenarios
  • General DNS Resolution

  • Service Management

  • Application Deployment

General DNS Resolution

General DNS Resolution

DNS enables you to map domain names to instances such as ECSs, OBS buckets, and load balancers.


High Concurrency

A single node can handle millions of concurrent queries.

Multiple Record Types

You can add multiple types of record sets.

Quick Operations

You can import up to 500 record sets on the DNS console. The record sets you add are effective within a minute.

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Service Management

Service Management

You can create public and private zones for the same domain name and deploy your applications online and offline.


Smooth Deployment

You can easily deploy applications online and offline and seamlessly update offline changes to the online applications.

Easy Maintenance

You can test offline applications in a VPC without interrupting online applications.

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Application Deployment

Application Deployment

You can map private IP addresses of servers to private domain names in specific VPCs, thereby allowing the servers to communicate by using domain names.


No Code Modification

If a server becomes faulty, you only need to change its IP address in the DNS record set. You do not need to change the code.

Free from DNS Spoofing

You do not need to worry about DNS spoofing because private domain names are not exposed to the Internet.

Lower Latency

A private DNS server directly responds to requests for private domain names, ensuring lower latency for your end users.

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  • Private DNS

  • Record Management

Private DNS

  • Private zones work within associated VPCs.

  • You can simplify application deployment and management by associating a private zone with multiple VPCs.

  • PTR records map private IP addresses to private domain names.

  • Private DNS servers respond to private domain name requests, reducing latency and preventing DNS spoofing attacks.

Record Management

  • DNS allows you to add multiple types of record sets, including A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT, NS, PTR, CAA, and SRV. Domain names can be mapped to both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

  • HTTPDNS facilitates domain name resolution for mobile apps.

  • Requests are routed to different servers based on the relative weight assigned to each record set.

  • Rich configuration options, including PTR records, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), and wildcard DNS records are available.

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