Domain Name Service

Domain Name Service (DNS) provides highly available and scalable authoritative DNS resolution services along with domain name management. It translates domain names into IP addresses required for network connection to route visitors to desired resources.

This free service is enabled by default for all HUAWEI CLOUD users.

Product Advantages
  • Private DNS for VPCs

    Provides secure private DNS. You can have your own authoritative DNS servers in VPCs to improve resolution efficiency, lower network latency, and prevent DNS spoofing.

  • High Performance

    Offers a new generation of efficient and stable resolution services, enabling tens of millions of concurrent queries on a single node.

  • Reverse Resolution

    Maps IP addresses to domain names, ensuring credibility of emails sent from your email servers.

  • Security Protection

    Defends services against various DDoS attacks with Huawei's powerful anti-DDoS devices and extensive experience in security protections.

Application Scenarios
  • General DNS Resolution

  • Service Management

  • Application Deployment

General DNS Resolution

General DNS Resolution

The DNS service enables visitors to access your service resources, such as ECS, OBS, and ELB using domain names.


High Concurrency

Tens of millions of concurrent queries on a single node

Multiple Record Types

Support for all commonly used record types

Quick Operation

Secure and stable records created in a minute

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Service Management

Service Management

Create public and private zones for the same domain names to deploy your website both online and offline with the same code, facilitating service maintenance.


Smooth Deployment

Deploy the same services online and offline. Offline changes can be seamlessly updated to the online system.

Easy Maintenance

Test the offline service in a VPC without interrupting online applications.

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Application Deployment

Application Deployment

Map ECS IP addresses to private domain names in specified VPCs, allowing these ECSs to communicate with each other using domain names.


No Code Modification

If an ECS becomes faulty, you only need to change its IP address in the DNS records, instead of modifying existing configurations.

Free from DNS Spoofing

Private domain names are not exposed to the Internet so you do not need to worry about DNS spoofing and attacks.

High Performance

A private DNS server directly responds to requests for private domain names, greatly reducing network latency.

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  • Private DNS

    Secure domain name resolution within VPCs

  • Record Management

    Multiple record types

Private DNS

  • Customize any domain names in VPCs.

  • Associate one DNS zone with multiple VPCs to simplify service deployment and management.

  • Create PTR records for private ECS IP addresses.

  • Receive responses directly from an internal DNS server for private domain requests (for example, to access ECSs in VPCs and services like OBS and API Gateway), accelerating domain resolution and preventing DNS spoofing.

Record Management

  • Stable, secure, and swift DNS resolution

  • Rich features, such as PTR records, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), and wildcard DNS records

  • Multiple record types, including A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT, NS, PTR, CAA, and SRV

  • HTTPDNS facilitating domain name resolution for mobile apps

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