Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides identity authentication and permissions management. With IAM, you can create users for employees, applications, or systems in your organization, and control the users' access to specified resources in your account.


Product Advantages
  • Permissions Management

    Restrict and grant different levels of access to HUAWEI CLOUD resources based on user roles and responsibilities.

  • Security Control

    Configure flexible login verification and password policies and access control list (ACL) to ensure secure access.

  • Cross-Account Access Delegation

    Create an agency to grant other accounts convenient and secure access to your HUAWEI CLOUD resources.

  • Federated Identity Authentication

    Partner with your existing identity systems to grant enterprise users access to your HUAWEI CLOUD resources.

Application Scenarios
  • User Management

  • Federated Identity Authentication

  • Permissions Sharing

User Management

Enterprise Security Governance

Create user groups and grant permissions based on user responsibilities, and add users to groups to inherit granted permissions.


Flexible User Management

Change the permissions of users by simply changing their user groups.

Refined Permissions Management

Grant permissions for operating specific resources based on projects.

Federated Identity Authentication

Single Sign-On

Access HUAWEI CLOUD through your existing enterprise management system, without having to create HUAWEI CLOUD accounts.


Unified Portal

Enterprise users need to log in only to the enterprise management system.

Easy Management

Directly and efficiently manage all user details on the enterprise management system.

Permissions Sharing

Mutual Collaboration

Create an agency to securely share resources and permissions with other accounts, without having to provide your passwords or access keys.


Easy to Use

Share necessary permissions with the delegated account by creating an agency.

Revocable at Any Time

Edit or cancel delegated permissions anytime as required.


  • User Management

    Security administrators can create users and grant users permissions based on their responsibilities.

  • Federated Identity Authentication

    Security administrators can create an IdP to authenticate employees access to HUAWEI CLOUD through SAML SSO.

User Management

Federated Identity Authentication

  • Access Keys

    Users can create and delete access keys used for API access to cloud services.

  • Security Policies

    Security administrators can manage user security policies and set an ACL to block access from untrusted networks.

Access Keys

Security Policies

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