Log Tank Service

Aggregate, structure, visualize, and analyze log data for actionable insights into O&M. Query logs with instant results. You can also transfer logs to OBS for long-term storage or to DMS for data retrieval.

Application Scenarios
  • O&M Log Management

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Auditing and Monitoring

O&M Log Management

O&M Log Management

LTS gives you centralized log management. You can collect application and middleware logs from all your VMs and manage them all in one place.


Lifecycle Management

You can manage logs throughout their lifecycle, from collection, search and analysis, to aging and archive.

Massive and Fast

Up to 200 terabytes of logs can be ingested per day, and log search is fast. You can get responses in seconds even when there are gigabytes of logs involved.


Pay-per-use billing allows you to adapt to changing demands without overcommitting budgets.

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Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Logs are printed in a fixed format, so it is easy to turn them into structured data by parsing them into field-value pairs. You can then run SQL queries to quickly obtain statistical analysis.


Multiple Structuring Methods

Choose the method that suits your needs. Field-value pairs can be extracted intelligently from JSON-formatted logs. Templates are available for structuring logs from HUAWEI CLOUD services, such as ELB, VPC, and CTS. You can also use delimiters or regular expressions to extract field-value pairs flexibly.

SQL Aggregate Queries

LTS SQL is compatible with standard SQL queries, so if you are already familiar with standard SQL, you can get started with LTS with no learning curve involved.

Charts and Dashboards

Data can be visualized in full-screen dashboards or using various charts (line, bar, and pie charts).

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Auditing and Monitoring

Auditing and Monitoring

LTS enables you to collect all sorts of logs for audit or compliance. Logs can be retained for 30 days in LTS, or you can use OBS to store them for however long you need.


Wide Coverage

Dozens of kinds of HUAWEI CLOUD logs can be collected, including network, security, and audit.

Query and Transfer

Logs can be structured so you can query logs in LTS the same way as in databases. For permanent storage, you can transfer logs to OBS.


Get notified when the occurrence of specified keywords exceeds a certain threshold. This helps you detect any exceptions in a timely manner.

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