Log Tank Service

Aggregate, structure, visualize, and analyze log data for actionable insights into O&M. Query logs with instant results. You can also transfer logs to OBS for long-term storage or to DMS for data retrieval.

Product Advantages
  • Simple and Efficient

    Supports the centralized management of logs from a variety of networks, environments, and devices. It makes collecting and uploading logs simple and efficient.

  • Real-Time Query

    Enables you to query logs in real time and derive actionable insights to improve system performance. You can use full-text search or SQL statements for queries and obtain results in an instant.

  • Secure and Reliable

    Uses permission controls and HTTPS encryption to ensure data reliability, supporting transfer of all logs to OBS buckets for storage.

  • Cost-Effective

    Frees you from investing in development and O&M. Your logs are transferred to OBS buckets for long-term storage, which is charged by used capacity.

Application Scenarios
  • Real-Time Log Collection

  • Real-Time Log Query

  • Unified Log Storage

Real-Time Log Collection

Real-Time Log Collection

This function is intended for enterprises, especially those who have a large number of scattered logs, simplifying centralized log management.


Simple and Convenient

Logs are collected automatically after you complete required configurations.


Logs can be uploaded automatically to any given directory.


Permission controls and HTTPS encryption are used to ensure data security and reliability.

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Real-Time Log Query

Real-Time Log Query

LTS helps operations and enterprise management personnel query logs in real time to detect and locate errors in data of users, systems, and services, improving operations efficiency.  


Ease of Use

Allows querying logs as easily as using a search engine.

Fast Response

Allows querying TB-level logs less than a second after they are written.

Powerful Query Function

Supports full-text query by time or keyword.

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Unified Log Storage

Unified Log Storage

LTS interconnects seamlessly with Object Storage Service (OBS), allowing you to transfer logs to OBS buckets and preventing data loss with just a few clicks.


Secure and Reliable

Transfers logs to OBS buckets to prevent data loss.


Transfers logs to OBS buckets when needed, which is charged by used capacity.


No limit is set to the number of logs that you store in OBS buckets.

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  • Log Collection

    LTS enables you to use APIs, SDKs, and many other methods to collect logs from different sources (VMs and cloud services such as ELB or VPC).

  • Keyword Alarms

    You can keep track of log keywords of your choice. Alarms are generated when the occurrence frequency of the specified keywords exceeds a threshold.

Log Collection

Keyword Alarms

  • Log Structuring

    Original logs are structured so that you can query logs using SQL statements and create reports.

  • LogReduce

    LogReduce can recognize patterns in log data and group similar logs accordingly. Log grouping and intelligent alarm analysis help you analyze logs more efficiently (coming soon).

Log Structuring


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