Video Content Recognition

Video Content Recognition (VCR) analyzes video objects to deliver recognition of behaviors, actions, postures, and other in videos.

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Product Advantages
  • High Accuracy

    Adopts the Learning to Rank and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithms for tags to provide real-time recognition with high accuracy.

  • High Efficiency

    Supports customization and categorization of video qualities with the ability to pick up on figures, art and entertainment personalities, and even clothing styles.

  • Hierarchical Tags

    Builds a comprehensive hierarchical tag library that can output general and fine-grained tags.

  • Multidimensional Analysis

    Analyzes videos from multiple dimensions, such as sound, action, image, and text, to fully understand the video content so that you can get more complete results.

Application Scenarios
  • Video Recommendation

  • Action Recognition

Video Recommendation

Video Recommendation

Recommends related videos to suit user preference based on recognition and analysis of the video you are watching as well as degree of tag correlation between the video and other videos.


Comprehensive Analysis

Comprehensively measures video content characteristics with multidimensional analysis capabilities, enhancing the accuracy of tag descriptions.

High Degree of Correlation

Yields high precision in tag recognition and recommends videos with high relevancy.

Refined Tags

Accurately extracts valid and refined tags from the video content.

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Action Recognition

Action Recognition

Recognizes actions in videos with frame analysis, optical flow, and scenario information output capabilities.


Multimodal Recognition

Integrates the image, optical flow, and sound information to provide more accurate action recognition.

High Accuracy

Adopts the 3D CNN algorithm to achieve high accuracy in action recognition.

Performance for Any Situation

Ability to recognize actions even in complex scenarios with diverse weather conditions and varying camera angles so you can still get the analysis you need regardless of environment considerations.

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