Video On Demand

Video on Demand (VOD) provides one-stop media services including video upload, automatic transcoding, media asset management, and delivery acceleration.

Product Advantages
  • Optimal Experience

    Network-wide delivery acceleration, quick-start video playback, and millisecond response times help deliver a fast, stable, and smooth video playback experience.

  • Cost Effective

    Pay-per-use billing, resource scaling, and the technology for higher definitions and lower bit rates help you reduce costs.

  • Flexible Publishing

    Videos can be uploaded in multiple ways such as browsers and APIs, conveniently transcoded, and published for playback on devices with various player SDKs.

  • Secure and Reliable

    Multi-level security mechanisms, including anti-leeching, playback authentication, and video encryption, fortify video security.

Application Scenarios
  • Video on Demand

Video on Demand

Secure & Customizable VOD

Customizable VOD services are provided so that video service enterprises can quickly build secure and stable VOD applications with a superb playback experience.


Superb Playback Experience

Technologies including MW6, multi-TCP connection, and Quality Driven Streaming (QDS) reduce the start delay, drag delay, and frame freezing rate.

Player SDKs for Multiple Platforms

Customizable player SDKs are integrated into web, Android, and iOS devices. These can collect and report VOD experience data for future optimization.

Video Transcoding

Various templates are used to transcode media files into HLS/DASH. High definition at a low bit rate delivers smoother playback at the same quality.

Related Services




  • Video Upload

    You can use APIs to concurrently upload multiple files from local hosts or URLs. Interrupted upload is resumable.

  • Video Management

    You can manage video files on a console or through APIs. All video information can be obtained, modified, and deleted.

  • Video Transcoding

    Multimedia transcoding and processing services are cost effective, efficient, and flexible.

Video Upload

Video Management

Video Transcoding

  • Various formats

    Transcoding supports all mainstream formats, including H.264 and H.265 for encoding and HLS and DASH for file output.

  • Thumbnails

    You can create video thumbnails for a time point or an interval (specified by two time points or progress percentages).

  • Higher definition and lower bit rate

    High definition at a low bit rate reduces bandwidth costs by 20% to 30% for the same subjective image quality.

  • Access to Platforms

    Quick access to the web, mobile devices, and STBs helps you build customizable video delivery capabilities.

  • Security Mechanisms

    Multi-level security mechanisms, including anti-leeching, playback authentication, and video encryption, fortify video security.

  • Data Statistics

    You can collect, query, and export fine-grained multi-dimensional service statistics.

Access to Platforms

Security Mechanisms

Data Statistics

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