Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) establishes a secure, encrypted communication tunnel between your local data center and your VPC on HUAWEI CLOUD. With VPN, you can build a flexible and scalable hybrid cloud environment.

¥0.083/hour per connection

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Product Advantages
  • High Data Security

    Huawei-proprietary hardware encrypts data based on IKE and IPsec with carrier-class reliability and ensures VPN connection stability.

  • Seamless Resource Extension

    With VPN, you can connect your local data center to your VPC and quickly extend services from the data center to the cloud, forming a hybrid cloud.

  • Low-Cost Connection

    Encrypted IPsec connections over the Internet provide a cost-effective alternative to Direct Connect connections.

  • Easy to Use

    You can create an easy-to-use VPN connection by specifying parameters on the console and configuring it in your data center.

Application Scenarios
  • Hybrid Cloud Deployment

  • Cross-Region VPC Connection

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

You can use the VPN service to connect your VPC on the cloud to your local data center and add more computing capacity to your network by leveraging the scalability and elasticity of the cloud.


Hybrid Cloud Support

A VPN connection between your data center and VPC can be used to easily extend data center services.

High Security and Reliability

Encrypted VPN connections are created over the Internet for secure, reliable, and cost-effective communications.

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Cross-Region VPC Connection

Cross-Region VPC Connection

VPN connections connect VPCs in different regions on HUAWEI CLOUD, thereby interconnecting your data and services across regions.


Flexible Networking

This VPN service supports multiple VPC networking modes.

Instant Availability

A VPN connection can be used immediately after creation, and it is secure, reliable, and easy-to-use.

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  • Secure and Reliable

    Uses Huawei-proprietary hardware devices to establish secure, reliable, and encrypted IPsec tunnels over the Internet.

  • Flexible and Scalable

    Enables you to extend your local data center into HUAWEI CLOUD, meeting application and service scaling requirements.

Secure and Reliable

Flexible and Scalable

  • On-Demand

    Allows you to purchase VPN connections on demand. The connections are immediately accessible upon creation.

  • Easy-to-Manage

    Provides ​an easy-to-use​ web UI for you to configure and manage your VPN connections.



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