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Huawei Cloud Unleashes Digital with Cloud Native

Oct 18, 2022

[Paris, France, October 18, 2022] HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 Paris continues in Paris today. David Wang, Executive Director of the Board and Chairman of Huawei ICT Infrastructure Managing Board, delivered a keynote speech at the event. With the focus on Cloud Native 2.0 and Everything as a Service, Mr. Wang advocated the collaboration with partners to jointly build a prosperous cloud service ecosystem. Joy Huang, President of Huawei Cloud Strategy and Industry Development, delivered a keynote speech themed "Huawei Cloud: Unleash Digital with Everything as a Service", elaborating on how Huawei Cloud is committed to a green, innovative, and secure digital future in Europe.


Everything as a Service and a Prosperous Cloud Service Ecosystem

Since Huawei Cloud proposed Cloud Native 2.0 in 2020, the concept has been widely accepted by the industry. More than 95% of enterprise applications will be cloud native by 2025. As stated by Mr. Wang, the Cloud Native 2.0 focusing on Everything as a Service will benefit businesses in the following aspects:

Infrastructure as a Service: The global data center and network and innovations such as Ubiquitous Cloud Native Service (UCS) reduce latency to less than 50 ms.

David Wang, Executive Director of the Board and Chairman of Huawei ICT Infrastructure Managing Board

Technology as a Service: The four pipelines of Huawei Cloud unlock huge potential for the industry. With DevCloud for software development, DataArts for data governance, ModelArts for AI development, and MetaStudio for digital content production, applications can be rolled out within ten minutes and 40% of code is generated intelligently.

Expertise as a Service: Huawei Cloud has been working with industries worldwide to promote digital transformation for decades. Now the acquired expertise is open to developers for shared excellence. In this way, modern applications can be shared by enterprises for more flexible combination of applications.

To embrace digital transformation across industries, Mr. Wang stressed the focus on Cloud Native 2.0 and Everything as a Service and advocated the collaboration with partners to jointly build a prosperous cloud service ecosystem.


Launching 17 New Services and the Ireland Region

Huawei Cloud has made significant progress over the past year. According to a Gartner report, Huawei Cloud ranked No. 5 in the global IaaS market in 2021. "We are committed to innovating better customer services," said Joy Huang. He reaffirmed that Huawei Cloud will continue to enable industries and unleash digital productivity with Everything as a Service. To fulfill this commitment, Huawei Cloud has released 17 new cloud services over the past six months.

Joy Huang, President of Huawei Cloud Strategy and Industry Development

Sustainability is high on Huawei Cloud's agenda. Huawei Cloud keeps building one global network and greener infrastructure to provide cloud services with consistent experience for users worldwide. At the event, Mr. Huang announced the official launch of the Huawei Cloud Ireland Region. By the end of 2022, Huawei Cloud will deploy 29 Regions and 75 AZs worldwide, covering more than 170 countries and regions.


Accelerating Innovation in Cloud Native, Data Value, AI, and Applications

Huawei Cloud will intensify R&D investment to strengthen its industry-leading platform and ensure constant innovation on the cloud. In his keynote speech, Mr. Huang introduced the unique value that Huawei Cloud creates for European customers and partners in cloud native, data, AI, and application modernization.

  • Taking cloud native to the next level

CCE Turbo accelerates computing, networking, and scheduling for 40% higher performance and better scalability.

Ubiquitous Cloud Native Service (UCS) provides consistent experience for cross-cloud and cross-region application management.

FunctionGraph provides function as a service (FaaS) for faster and less expensive application development and publish.

  • Maximizing the value of data

Huawei initiated the GaussDB R&D in 2007. After years of research, four new features are now available: Serverless, Regionless, Modeless, and Near-Data Parallel Query (NDPQ). In particular, NDPQ improves the query response speed by 10 times. The excellent performance makes GaussDB popular across industries. For example, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), one of the world's largest banks, has deployed Huawei Cloud GaussDB in more than 20 core systems.

Huawei Cloud will continue to innovate the data lakehouse solution, including Data Warehouse Service (DWS), MapReduce Service (MRS), DataArts LakeFormation for unified metadata management, ROMA Connect for the coexistence of legacy and new data, and Trusted Intelligent Computing Service (TICS) for multi-party data training and analysis.

  • Unlocking the real-world potential of AI

The workshop-style AI development is becoming insufficient for the increasing application scale. To solve this pain point, Huawei Cloud launches the Pangu foundation model with hundreds of billions of parameters. The Pangu model has been adopted by many industries, such as pharmaceutical, finance, electric power, and coal production. For example, the Pangu wave model shortens wave prediction from hours to seconds.

Knowledge computing is a huge leap forward in combining industry knowledge with AI technologies. The knowledge computing service of Huawei Cloud helped dealer stores of Hongqi Auto drastically shorten the customer waiting time and technical training duration.

AI solvers make operations research smarter. Huawei Cloud's OptVerse took the first spot in Hans Mittelmann's benchmarks for solvers last year. In real-world scenarios, the Port of Tianjin used OptVerse to optimize global scheduling for better resource utilization.

  • Accelerating application modernization

Huawei Cloud provides 4 pipelines to accelerate this process.

DevCloud is a one-stop software development pipeline, to which Huawei Cloud has added two new services: CodeCheck and CloudTest.

DataArts is a new data governance pipeline.

ModelArts is a one-stop AI development pipeline, enabling even beginners to develop AI models of stunning accuracy.

MetaStudio is a digital content production pipeline. Recently, Huawei Cloud has released Virtual Live and Low Latency Live. They have been widely used in e-commerce and entertainment.

Huawei Cloud also provides MacroVerse aPaaS capabilities, such as KooGallery, KooMessage and KooSearch, to supercharge industry innovation.


Security & Compliance System Safeguards Businesses to Go Global

Huawei Cloud provides customers with compliance consulting, platform security, data security, and Compliance Compass services. Huawei Cloud has obtained more than 120 security compliance certifications, including Germany C5 cloud security certification. Services on Huawei Cloud can be independently deployed within the EU territory, and local O&M complies with the EU GDPR requirements.

In his keynote speech, Mr. Huang released Huawei Cloud white papers on privacy protection, data security and cloud security. These white papers showcase Huawei's determination to safeguard customer business around the world.


Fostering the Local Ecosystem and Fueling the Global Success of Businesses

At the event, Huawei Cloud launched the "Go Cloud, Go Global" ecosystem plan for Europe. According to this plan, Huawei Cloud will share its localized experience acquired in the services for more than 170 countries and regions, as well as insight into businesses and industries in major regions, and contribute its technologies and solutions to a global ecosystem. Such effort will help more tech companies use cloud better and go global more successfully.

Huawei Cloud believes that sustainable digital transformation is possible only when there is a vibrant local ecosystem. According to Mr. Huang, with its goal of "By local, for local", Huawei Cloud provides leading digital technologies to facilitate the digital journey of customers and developers.

Huawei Cloud offers a broad array of services and solutions for businesses worldwide. The Boosting solution empowers organizations in security compliance, application acceleration, smart localization, and enterprise services. The one-stop cloud service aims to help gaming companies, e-commerce and social entertainment platforms, and financial institutions tackle challenges and stay relevant in the global market. 

In terms of cloud-cloud collaboration, Huawei Cloud and Huawei Mobile Services synergize services and resource channels to create more value for enterprises worldwide. GoMappED, an Irish online education platform, worked with Huawei Cloud to release their app on AppGallery, the Huawei Mobile Services marketplace. Huawei Mobile Services spans more than 170 countries and regions and provides a latency less than 200 ms and 99.99% reliability for millions of MAUs.

"We are dedicated to unleashing digital productivity with Everything as a Service and building the cloud foundation for an intelligent world with ubiquitous cloud and pervasive intelligence," said Mr. Huang.