In the DevOps or DevSecOps process, O&M is as important as research and development (R&D).

Huawei Cloud places great importance on O&M, prioritizing investment into O&M security.

We have developed many O&M services and tools based on years of experience and best practices so you can easily improve your own O&M security. We also provide you with online courses.

Huawei Cloud O&M Security Practice

  • O&M Account Security

    ● Centralized identity authentication and management by employee accounts and MFA for extra security

    ● O&M account and authorization management based on account lifecycle and permissions management

    ● VPNs and CBH instances for centralized O&M management and audits

  • Vulnerability Management

    ● A professional security incident response team

    ● Effective channels for vulnerability intelligence awareness and gathering, including

    ● An end-to-end vulnerability response system to automatically receive and prioritize vulnerability alarms for you

    ● A security bulletin platform for vulnerability disclosure and release of workarounds and fixes

  • Security Log and Event Management

    ● A centralized, comprehensive log system powered by big data analytics and that can be interconnected with third-party security information and event management (SIEM) systems

    ● A stable, comprehensive, multi-layer border security system that enables quick security event detection and location and fast workload isolation and restoration

  • Service Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    ● Multiple regions and availability zones (AZs) architecture that ensures high availability for your infrastructure

    ● Tailored DR solutions for all data centers, multi-node replication of your data, stable communications between data centers with high-speed fiber-optic connections, and cross-AZ disaster recovery

    ● Detailed service continuity plans and regular testing

Security O&M Solutions

Security O&M Solutions

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Quick Log Search and Analytics

Use Cloud Search Service (CSS) to check and analyze logs and traffic

Cloud Search Service (CSS)

Log analysis: You can locate O&M issues and faults, check metrics, and analyze operational outcomes.

Real-time search: Data records can be retrieved minutes or even seconds after they are imported to the database.

Ease of use: A record can be found among terabytes of data in milliseconds. Data can be visualized on the console.

Statistical analysis: Take full advantage of 20+ statistical analysis methods and nearly 10 analytical dimensions. Statistics can be displayed in various forms of tables and charts.

Various data sources: Easily connect to FTP, OBS, HBase, Kafka, and more data sources without coding.

Recommended Services

Multi-dimensional O&M Platform for Cloud Applications

Let AOM help you with problem management, monitoring, security, and performance tuning

Application Operations Management (AOM) 

Holistic Cloud Operations Management: One-stop monitoring of application performance, statuses, infrastructure, and cloud resources in an easy-to-use management console.

Quick and Easy Setup: Automatically discover applications on hosts with the ICAgent collector installed.

Instant Notification of Faults and Problems: Customizable exception detection policies, trigger modes, alarm rules, and monitoring APIs.

Log Management: Collection and management of massive quantities of logs, quick and easy log searching, and customization of log paths and statistical rules.

Recommended Services