Press Releases > Huawei Cloud becomes a member of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

Huawei Cloud becomes a member of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

Apr 17, 2023

[Brussels, Belgium,17 April 2023 ] - The General Assembly is pleased to have Huawei Cloud onboard and highly welcomes their initiative to join the Code’s ecosystem and strengthen the reach and impact of this pioneering instrument.

As we know, cloud computing is at the heart of digitization, which creates a pressing demand for efficient GDPR compliance mechanisms. Since its approval in May 2021, the EU Cloud CoC has been the number one solution in the market, supporting users and providers in their day-to-day compliance journeys. In this regard, the Code has played a significant part in ensuring accountability, streamlining GDPR implementation, and boosting the dissemination of cloud services in Europe.

After launching its services such as Cloud Container Engine, AI, Bigdata etc. in Europe in Q4 2022, Huawei Cloud quickly became a member of the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly through their Irish entity Sparkoo Technologies Ireland Co., Limited, enhancing their support to the upholding of robust data protection standards. Besides reaffirming their commitment towards their customers, joining the Code’s ecosystem is key for the fostering of transparency towards other private and public stakeholders.

Against this backdrop, Huawei Cloud’s membership amplifies the range and impact of this unique initiative, representing an important step in the direction of harmonizing GDPR implementation across the cloud industry.


Here’s what Tim Tao, President of Huawei Cloud Europe stated about the membership:

“We are excited to announce our EU Cloud CoC membership, which sends an important message to our European users and partners. Fostering trust in the launch of our cloud services in Europe is an absolute priority for us and the EU Cloud CoC is certainly the right tool to support us with this effort.”


Gabriela Mercuri, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, would like to add:

“Here at SCOPE Europe, it is truly exciting to see the general expansion and diversification of the EU Cloud CoC membership. That being said, welcoming Huawei Cloud into our unique ecosystem is a momentous occasion and we are certain that this addition opens a new and important chapter in the development of this initiative.”