Press Releases > Virtual Cable and Huawei Cloud Announced Partnership to Promote Public Cloud in Digitalization

Virtual Cable and Huawei Cloud Announced Partnership to Promote Public Cloud in Digitalization

Apr 26, 2023

[Madrid, Spain, April 25th, 2023] Virtual Cable, the company behind UDS Enterprise -the secure VDI solutions for digital workplace- and Huawei Cloud, have signed a technology alliance today to drive adoption of public cloud in digital work environments, improving security, productivity, and efficiency for organizations.

Virtual Cable is a company specializing in the digital transformation of the workplace. The company develops, supports, and markets UDS Enterprise, a software for desktop virtualization, application virtualization, and remote access to physical devices. Its team of experts has designed customized VDI solutions for each sector to provide a unique user experience fully adapted to the needs of each user profile. Virtual Cable professionals have more than 30 years of experience in IT and software development and more than 15 years in virtualization technologies. Millions of Windows and Linux virtual desktops are deployed every day worldwide with UDS Enterprise.

HUAWEI CLOUD is a reliable, secure, and sustainable cloud service, that is committed to building the cloud foundation for an intelligent world with ubiquitous cloud and pervasive intelligence. To create and share value for greater success. We bring together developers worldwide and empower our partners to jointly resolve the pain points of customers during digital transformation.  Till December 2022, HUAWEI CLOUD has launched more than 240 cloud services and attracted over 41,000 partners worldwide, and developed 4 million developers. We will continuously innovate and work with our customers, partners, and developers with a mindset of "Think cloud-native, act cloud native", building an all-digital, all-cloud, AI-driven world with Everything as a Service.

The collaboration between both companies enables customers to take advantage of Huawei Cloud's stability, high performance, artificial intelligence, and offerings in regions worldwide to ensure high availability of their virtual desktops with UDS Enterprise. This alliance provides a comprehensive solution to create pay-per-use workspaces, accessible 24/7, from anywhere and device with total security, high levels of automation, and significant cost savings.

Virtual Cable has developed the first VDI solution specifically optimized for this manufacturer's platform, UDS Cloud on Huawei Cloud, which has been certified by Huawei's team as a secure and reliable solution for deploying virtual desktops on their cloud. Under the name of their parent technology, UDS Enterprise, it is the desktop virtualization solution available for direct download on KooGallery, the Huawei Cloud Marketplace that provides users with high-quality and easy-to-use applications and solutions.

UDS Cloud on Huawei Cloud brings high levels of automation, eliminating the complexity of manual configurations when managing and deploying virtual desktops on the cloud. It also adds an important extra layer of security, with native multifactor authentication, Zero Trust, and end-to-end data encryption. Its advanced features, such as automatic scheduling of virtual machines start and shutdown and customized access calendars, allow for cost optimization. These advantages, combined with on-demand deployment of virtual desktops, ensure that workplaces are only available when needed, so customers pay only for the exact time they consume on the cloud.

"This alliance allows us to provide our customers with a new quality option to deploy their digital workplaces on the public cloud. Thanks to the combination of UDS Enterprise and Huawei Cloud, organizations can offer their employees secure and remote access to their applications and data without waiting times. These advantages translate into increased productivity and a better user experience," said Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable.

Yu Liang, Vice President of   Europe and Middle East, Global Ecosystem Huawei Cloud said“ we're committed to reliable, secure, and sustainable cloud solutions. Our integration of UDS Cloud brings high levels of automation and an extra layer of security, making virtual desktop deployment simpler. This partnership represents a step towards our goal of building the cloud foundation for an intelligent world, enabling customers to leverage the potential of the cloud. ”