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Huawei Developer Competition 2023 Winners Announced

Nov 20, 2023

[Dongguan, China, November 19, 2023] – Huawei Developer Competition 2023 concludes in Huawei Songshan Lake Base. Themed "Spark Infinity", Huawei Developer Competition 2023 straddled two tracks: cloud foundation and industry. This Competition was open to developers from China, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, and Türkiye. A total of 19,000 developers from 30 countries and regions formed 3,000 teams to showcase their skills. At the Awards Ceremony, over 25 teams took home coveted prizes.

Photo of the Huawei Developer Competition Final

Developers from diverse fields have participated in this Competition to sparkle their innovative skills. Some of the remarkable projects include the smart management systems for construction sites, exoskeletons for after-stroke recovery, communication apps for the deaf and hard of hearing community, remedies for sleep apnea, and live interpretation for video dubbing. All these achievements are all built on Huawei technologies, including ModelArts, MindSpore, and Pangu models. The winners are all social innovation projects that excel in technical expertise, innovation, and potential for business growth.

In the Chinese mainland region, team Tiantuwanjing stood out as the Gold Prize winner in the Enterprise track for their AI-powered audio-visual spatial computing project. Teams Yueshi (Shenzhen) and Juliweidu (Beijing) secured the Silver Prize. Teams Guolanzhongtian, Motphys, and Gengyunzhumeng were honored with the Bronze Prize. Teams Wanshangyunji and Intellifusion-Product were recognized with the Innovation Award.

Gold Prize – Enterprise track, Chinese mainland

Students from Chinese mainland also brought out their best skills. Team IoT Zhihuilyudianjie's Smart Aluminum Electrolytic system came out on top. The Silver Prize winners were teams Zhigan and Zhuoyuenaokang. The Bronze Prize went to teams Yibahuo, Rongchuangyanyuan, and Zhishuixin'an. Teams Yuyunshouhu and Zhengxinzhiyan were awarded with the Innovation Award.

Gold Prize – Student track, Chinese mainland

As for the Asia Pacific region, team Nozama was crowned as Grand Winner for their virtual-physical toy, Magik. Teams DecentraRating and Netizen were the 1st Runner-Ups. Teams HeyHi, SmartAM, and IC were recognized as the 2nd Runner-Ups. The Innovation Award was claimed by teams Soca.AI, Aye-Aye, and CyberWhiz.

Grand Winner – Asia Pacific region

Kang Ning, President of Huawei Cloud Ecosystem, said in his speech: "The global digital economy is thriving, with foundational models emerging that are reshaping the industry. Developers, who are at the heart of this ecosystem, are also experiencing unprecedented opportunities. Huawei stands ready to collaborate with developers to explore the realms of multi-architecture computing, AI, and cloud native technologies, paving the way for a digital future."

Zhang Yuxin, CTO of Huawei Cloud, said, "Developers are changing the world and they are at the forefront of this digital era, shaping an intelligent world. Huawei aims to provide a platform that connects developers, enterprises, and investors, enabling more developers to focus on software development and contribute to building a new world. Moreover, this collaboration empowers enterprise developers to innovate products, add value, and accelerate enterprise growth. This, in turn, opens up more opportunities for investment and business growth. Together with developers, we strive to drive global progress and create a smarter world through innovative technologies and products."

In his speech, Xiao Ran, Vice President of Strategy & Industry Development at Huawei, delved into the company's focus on investing in cutting-edge technologies, emphasizing the dedication to empowering developers. He said, "We will continue to increase investment in technologies and innovation, and work with customers, partners, standards organizations, and developers to promote the progress of the entire industry. Our goal is to provide technical assurance and value-driven digital transformation for all industries to promote high-quality development of the digital economy."

As an ICT flagship event, Huawei Developer Competition encourages developers to solve real-world problems using cutting-edge technologies.

The Competition offers a total bonus of CNY5 million. Apart from the generous bonus, Huawei Cloud provides each team with cloud resource coupons with no threshold, high-quality courses, sandbox experiments, and certification coupons. Additionally, developers are continuously nurtured and empowered through Cloud Institute. Outstanding teams can also receive business success support from Huawei Cloud's marketplace KooGallery, Huawei Cloud Developer Program (HCDP), and Spark Program (for startups). Furthermore, exceptional talent has the opportunity to join the company's talent market and participate in job fairs.

Huawei Cloud aims to build an open global ecosystem with a focus on developers. 5 million developers and 42,000 partners have joined the Huawei Cloud ecosystem, and over 10,000 SaaS applications have been released on KooGallery, and more than 110 universities are in the ecosystem together to build talent and prosper the ecosystem. Foundation models are trending. Huawei Cloud also offers Pangu models for developers to use. By building the model community and courses, developers can perform research and development efficiently. In the past, it used to take five months to prepare for the end-to-end development of a foundation model with hundreds of billions of parameters. However, with the availability of Ascend AI cloud services and model development suites, the preparation time for development takes only one month. Providing these resources was borne out of Huawei Cloud's belief in developers – that with the best resources, they can build a thriving ecosystem for a vast range of models and applications.

Huawei is committed to advancing the integration of software, hardware, edge, device, and cloud, as well as partnering with development ecosystems, including Huawei Cloud, Kunpeng, Ascend, and HarmonyOS, increasing investment in R&D innovation, and collaborating with developers across different industries to drive global technological progress.