Press Releases > Huawei Cloud has successfully adhered to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

Huawei Cloud has successfully adhered to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

Apr 03, 2024

Recently, Huawei Cloud has successfully adhered to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct for its Cloud Services dedicated to the European market. This accomplishment underscores Huawei Cloud's efforts to uphold high GDPR compliance standards.

Codes of conduct provide a crucial framework under the GDPR, empowering the industry to meaningfully contribute to the standardization process and the establishment of tailored technical and organizational measures. This framework necessitates a robust third-party monitoring system, overseen by supervisory authorities, to maintain an appropriate balance. Such a structure facilitates the simultaneous development of effective solutions and the fostering of trust in digital services.

Endorsed by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) nearly 3 years ago, the EU Cloud CoC is today a compliance benchmark for the entire cloud sector. Its implementation has significantly enhanced transparency and provided valuable support for customers in conducting risk assessments.

By voluntarily adhering with the EU Cloud CoC, Huawei Cloud legally demonstrates its compliance to users across the EU, ensuring secure and transparent processing. Such commitment to implementing strong safeguards for the protection of personal data is indispensable for the achievement broad dissemination of trusted cloud services. 

Reacting to the EU Cloud CoC adherence, Tim Tao, President of Huawei Cloud Europe, stated:

“We are glad that Huawei Cloud has been recognized by the EU Cloud CoC for GDPR compliance.Huawei Cloud is committed to providing customers with a platform with comprehensive cyber security, data security, and privacy protection measures, as well as various services to safeguard security and privacy protection. So far, Huawei Cloud has passed more than 140 international audits and certifications, such as ENS in Spain, C5 in Germany, and PCI DSS for the finance sector.

Huawei is the only Chinese vendor that has been listed in Gartner with HiSec Insight and SecMaster capabilities, and we are the only Chinese vendor that has entered the Quadrant for two consecutive years.

By voluntarily adhering to the EU Cloud CoC, Huawei Cloud continuously demonstrates our commitment to privacy, data protection, and secure and transparent data processing.

Huawei Cloud has become one of the main cloud service providers with the most comprehensive security and privacy compliance qualifications in the world, shedding light on how businesses can be safeguarded by meeting business compliance and cyber security requirements in diverse sectors, including finance, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and government institutions, laying a solid foundation for digital transformation.”

Addressing the adherence, Gabriela Mercuri, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, which is the monitoring body of the EU Cloud CoC, said:

As a lighthouse solution for GDPR compliance, the EU Cloud CoC plays a key role in the harmonization of robust technical and organizational measures. It is, therefore, great to witness new services declaring adherence to this unique tool.  The inclusion of Sparkoo Technologies Ireland Co., Limited (with its cloud brand name “Huawei Cloud”) in this ecosystem supports the building of a secure and transparent digital environment across the EU.”