HUAWEI CLOUD has over 30 years of security experience and has been learning from best practices both in and outside of China. We provide easy-to-obtain, on-demand, and scalable cloud security services in compliance with the laws, regulations, and cloud security standards and specifications in the areas where our services are provisioned. We help you protect application systems and important data on cloud.


  • Security Engineering

    High-quality security engineering delivered to customers in a wide range of industries for over 30 years

  • Security Operations

    Global security operations that have served hundreds, or even thousands, of employees, and international businesses for many years

  • Infrastructure Security

    To ensure infrastructure security, HUAWEI CLOUD's data centers feature high security, high availability, and high reliability. The service platform leverages best practices in the industry, as well as Huawei's advanced technologies and extensive telecommunications experience.

  • Security Services

    Full-stack security services defending against the entire attack chain

  • Secure Data Center

    Data centers are the foundation of HUAWEI CLOUD infrastructure. Huawei strictly adheres to all relevant laws and regulations and takes every measure possible to keep the data centers secure and trustworthy.

Security Notices

To protect end users and tenants, HUAWEI CLOUD adheres to the principle of responsible disclosure. For vulnerabilities affecting cloud platforms and customer services, the vulnerability mitigation and recovery solutions and suggestions are pushed to end users and tenants in a timely manner, but only after making sure that there will be no excessive risk of attack resulting from a premature disclosure. HUAWEI CLOUD is always there to help you to face the challenges resulting from new vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Feedback -- Vulnerability Reward Plan

Product security is very important to Huawei. If you suspect that HUAWEI CLOUD resources are being used inappropriately or encounter any security vulnerabilities in the HUAWEI CLOUD website, products, or services, please email

For a more effective response to your report, please provide any necessary supporting materials (such as proof-of-concept code, the IP address of the resource being used inappropriately, suspicious behavior logs) to help the security response team understand the issue thoroughly.

HUAWEI CLOUD replies to every feedback report. You will receive a confirmation email within one working day of your initial feedback.