Smart Campus Technical Architecture

HUAWEI CLOUD smart campus technology architecture provides the tech to support builds of safer, smarter campuses at lower cost. The architecture includes campus middleware platform, cloud services, and synergetic edge applications and facilities.
Solution Architectures

  1. Intelligent

    1. Comprehensive perception: Fully connected people, vehicles, objects, and environments.
    2. Cross-domain data convergence enables intelligent service cooperation.
    3. Efficient and intelligent: More secure and comfortable environment, highly efficient operation, and lower operating costs, building a visualized and controllable campus operation center.

  2. Cloud-Based and Service-Oriented

    1. Platform-based and service-oriented public capability.
    2. Cost-saving: The edge-cloud synergetic architecture enables cloud-based video security protection, unifies management of device applications, implements cloud O&M, and reduces edge node O&M costs.
    3. Provides flexible resource allocation, on-demand access, and nearby access of residential areas nationwide.

  3. Standard and Open

    1. Provides platform-based agile application development for ecosystem construction.
    2. Supports open source software such as OpenStack, Hadoop, and Kubernetes.
    3. Supports multiple heterogeneous systems in accessing the campus network.

  4. Smart Campus Technical Architecture

    Technical Architectures


    Video Surveillance

    Campus Middle Ground


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