Disclaimer for the Disk-intensive Instance Service

Disclaimer for the Disk-intensive Instance Service

Disk-intensive instances, provided by HUAWEI CLOUD, offer local storage space for the high volume of intermediate data generated by big data processing. If you choose to use the disk-intensive instance service, you are considered as having completely understood and agreed to this disclaimer, which is as follows:

Physical disks connected to hosts have been used for local storage. Such disks may be incapable of guaranteeing reliable data storage due to such mechanical failures as device breakdown, defects, and track damages. Despite the diligent and greatest possible efforts, the security measures of HUAWEI CLOUD do not free you from data loss of any kind. HUAWEI CLOUD does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage of data on local storage caused by such mechanical failures.。

Before the service is terminated, you shall regularly back up, clean, destroy the stored data, or take other proper actions as befits the importance and sensitivity of the data.

After the service is terminated, HUAWEI CLOUD will format the local storage. It does not assume any responsibility for any residual data, deletion or destruction of any data, or any data leakage or financial losses caused by the undeleted or undestroyed data.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (HUAWEI CLOUD) reserves the right to interpret this Disclaimer. This Disclaimer is subject to change without notice and takes effect immediately after being posted on HUAWEI CLOUD service website.