Key Pair Service Disclaimer

Key Pair Service Disclaimer

You understand and agree that HUAWEI CLOUD Key Pair Service needs to access the file that stores the public key in the system disk of your ECS to perform operations related to public key configuration. If you use this service, it indicates that you fully understand and agree to the contents of this statement. If you do not agree with contents in this disclaimer, do not perform any related operation.

1. HUAWEI CLOUD will respect and protect user privacy based on the Privacy Policy Statement ( released on the official website. HUAWEI CLOUD will not use your passwords or keys for any other purposes irrelevant to the key pair management service, and will delete the passwords or keys upon completion of the operation.

2. You agree and authorize HUAWEI CLOUD to access the file that stores the public key in the system disk of the ECS that you will configure, and perform related configuration operations when you are using the Key Pair Service.

3. You can determine whether to provide the private key. The private key will save the time for operations by Key Pair Service. If you select and input your private key, it indicates that you agree and authorize Key Pair Service of HUAWEI CLOUD to use the private key that you have provided.

4. HUAWEI CLOUD promises to continuously improve the service quality and level of the Key Pair Service. However, you understand and agree that HUAWEI CLOUD cannot ensure that the service has no defects or risks of failures. The occurrence of defects or failures shall not be regarded as a breach of the service agreement by HUAWEI CLOUD.

5. HUAWEI CLOUD is responsible for interpreting this disclaimer and has the right to update it whenever necessary. The updated statement will be released on HUAWEI CLOUD official website and takes effect immediately.