EI Products and Services

  • Big Data

  • Essential Platform

  • Conversational Bot

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Automatic Speech

  • Data Ingestion Service

    Build applications for processing or analyzing streaming data

  • Cloud Data Migration

    Batch data migration between homogeneous and heterogeneous data sources

  • Cloud Stream Service

    Fully compatible with Flink and Spark, perfect for various fields

  • MapReduce Service

    Provide enterprise-level big data clusters on the cloud

  • Data Lake Insight

    A fully managed big data processing and analysis service

  • Data Warehouse Service

    Scalable, fully-managed data warehouse for cost-effective data analysis

  • Data Lake Factory

    One-stop development platform to help build a big data processing center

  • Recommender System

    Precise recommendations for improved customer engagement and conversion

  • Log Analysis

    ELK-based log monitoring and analysis for real-time actionable insights

  • Data Lake Governance Center

    One-stop full-lifecycle data development and operation platform

  • ModelArts

    Accelerated device-edge-cloud deployment of AI models

  • Deep Learning Service

    Training, validation, and deployment of DL models for accurate inferences

  • Video Ingestion Service

    Real-time ingestion of video data for analytics

  • Question-Answering Bot

    Quickly build, release, and manage intelligent question answering bots

  • Task-oriented Conversational Bot

    Build intelligent bots that understand and help complete tasks

  • Speech Analytics

    Perform conversational analysis of client and call center interactions

  • CBS Customization

    Customize natural language models aligned to your business interests

  • Natural Language Processing Fundamentals

    Powerful analysis of text through machine learning

  • Moderation (Text)

    Auto-detection of advertisements and inappropriate content in texts

  • Automatic Speech Recognition

    Automatic conversion of audio into text with high accuracy

  • Text To Speech

    Automatic conversion of text into natural sounding voice

  • Video Analytics

  • Image Recognition

  • Content Moderation

  • ImageSearch

  • Face and Human Recognition

  • Video Content Tagging

    Automatic tagging of faces, scenes, and text in videos

  • Image Tagging

    Recognition of objects, scenes, and concepts in images

  • Celebrity Recognition

    Auto-recognition of well-known people in images

  • Moderation (Text)

    Auto-detection of advertisements and inappropriate content in texts

  • Moderation (Image)

    Auto-detection of inappropriate text in images

  • Moderation (Video)

    Auto-detection of low-quality and inappropriate videos

  • ImageSearch

    Standard and fuzzy search of images in a gallery

  • Optical Character Recognition

  • EI Intelligent Twins

  • General OCR

    Auto-recognition of characters in documents and images

  • Card OCR

    Auto-recognition of structured information in identity documents

  • Receipt OCR

    Auto-recognition of structured information in images of receipts

  • Domain OCR

    Auto-recognition of structured information in waybills and medical forms

  • Custom OCR

    Custom templates for auto-identification of key fields and characters

  • Industrial Intelligent Twins

    Engineering intelligence for design, production, logistics, and sales

  • Vehicle Intelligent Twins

    Intelligent navigation, supervision, and assistance for safe driving

  • Traffic Intelligent Twins

    Traffic prediction and signal coordination for efficient traffic control

EI Activities

  • 21-Day Training Camp for AI Novices Coming soon

    Become an AI developer with ease with the help of HUAWEI CLOUD.

  • 21-Day Training Camp for Big Data Enterprise Application Coming soon

    Learn how to get the most out of big data through lessons from eight typical enterprise scenarios.

MapReduce Service

More cost-effective for 1-year subscription
Providing enterprise-level big data clusters on the cloud

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