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  • Industrial Innovation Platform Empowers Enterprises to Achieve Digital Transformation

    New Business | By Chen Jizhong and Zhu Haibo, Parametric Technology (Shanghai) Software Co., Ltd.
    To achieve digital transformation and to drive their innovation of products and business models, enterprises need to do two things. First, build an industrial innovation platform that supports new technologies, such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI), and second, collaborate with the right system, device, communications, and service providers to form a complete solution.
  • 让软件创业更简单!华为云DevCloud实现云上敏捷开发

    新商业 | 51CTO 周雪
    DevCloud平台从员工技能和熟练程度、技术手段和工具 、组织和管理能力三个维度出发,提供代码检查、项目管理、编译构建、测试管理等十余种功能...
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