Press Release > HUAWEI CLOUD Builds a Safe & Reliable Cloud for Kingdee Software

HUAWEI CLOUD Builds a Safe & Reliable Cloud for Kingdee Software

Jan 11, 2018 GMT+08:00

On January 11, 2018, Huawei and Kingdee Software signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which marked the beginning of extensive cooperation between HUAWEI CLOUD and Kingdee Cloud. Xu Shaochun, the founder and CEO of Kingdee Software, Sun Yanfei, the president of Kingdee Software, Xu Zhijun, the rotating CEO of Huawei, and Zheng Yelai, the president of Huawei's Cloud BU, all were present at the signing ceremony. 

As part of this cooperative effort, HUAWEI CLOUD will provide Kingdee Cloud with safe, reliable, and sustainable IaaS resources, as well as a number of PaaS services used for application and service development. Kingdee Cloud leverages Big Data and enterprise intelligence (EI) services provided by HUAWEI CLOUD to develop a user-oriented artificial intelligence (AI) solution aimed at improving user experience. Even prior to this cooperation agreement, many of Kingdee's customers from various industries are familiar with the powerful IaaS support of HUAWEI CLOUD. 

Mr. Xu Zhijun, the rotating CEO of Huawei, said, "Our cooperation with Kingdee will not only create momentum for both sides, but will also result in many synergic benefits. We are striving to create an even more favorable environment for HUAWEI CLOUD to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable services. As cloud services continue to grow in popularity, more governments and enterprises will transition towards cloud services. Huawei is committed to strengthening our platforms, core technologies, and IC design capabilities, thereby helping our partners across different industries to better serve their customers and overcome challenges."

Mr. Xu Shaochun, the founder of Kingdee, said, "Our cooperation with Huawei not only enables us to combine our respective strengths, but also allows us to work together to achieve our strategic goals. Both of us will thoroughly cooperate to establish ourselves as world-class brands based on advanced technologies such as AI, Big Data, and IoT, and to help enterprises transition towards digital services. We are determined to build the most trusted Cloud services platform for our customers."

As a cloud software solutions provider for many world-class enterprises, including Coca-Cola and Jaguar Land Rover, Kingdee provides an impressive lineup of SaaS offerings for enterprise management. Kingdee Cloud is designed to offer a wide range of service options to its customers while providing robust security and extensive openness. HUAWEI CLOUD perfectly complies with security regulations and adheres to service boundaries by not touching customers' data, adopting target industry applications to local markets, or making entity investment, all while maintaining service neutrality when operating cloud platforms and offering cloud services. In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD provides full-stack cloud security solutions, chip-level security assurances, and comprehensive security certifications and qualifications.

HUAWEI CLOUD provides unified APIs, services, ecosystems, and architectures for public and private clouds, enabling enterprises' services to be efficiently and freely deployed. Data can be easily migrated without the fear of being bound to a specific vendor.

Huawei has made continuous contributions to open source communities, leading it to become the first Asian company to achieve platinum member status at OpenStack, acquire a seat in the Kubernetes Steering Committee, and become the first Asian general maintainer in the Open Container Initiative OCI Community.

This strategic agreement further demonstrates HUAWEI CLOUD's intentions to build a customer-centric, healthy ecosystem that creates more value for customers. Huawei and Kingdee will further their cooperation in many fields, such as AI, Big Data, and market promotion, to help global enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and build a fully connected, intelligent world.