Press Release > Huawei Cloud Named Leader in Full-Stack Public Cloud Platforms in China

Huawei Cloud Named Leader in Full-Stack Public Cloud Platforms in China

Aug 20, 2018 GMT+08:00

Forrester recently released The Forrester Wave™: Full-Stack Public Cloud Development Platforms In China, Q3 2018 report that evaluates China's most popular public cloud vendors from three dimensions: strategy, product, and market.Huawei Cloud entered the Leaders quadrant with its commanding technical strengths, full-stack product capabilities, excellent localized service capabilities, and its impressively wide ecosystem.

Accelerating Innovation

Huawei has made significant breakthroughs in technology and demonstrated itself as a visionary in cloud tech. The level of innovation in Huawei Cloud is impressive and the growth has been amazing, moving from Strong Performer in 2016 to Leader in the most recent report for 2018. To date, Huawei Cloud has launched 120+ cloud services and 60+ solutions in 16 categories. Adding to the impressiveness, Huawei Cloud revenue increased by 700% year-on-year. In just the first half of 2018 alone, 872 applications were added to the Huawei Cloud Marketplace. As a testament to the full security assurance of Huawei Cloud, many public agencies and enterprise customers have moved their critical data, tools, and business systems over to the HUAWEI CLOUD platform.

Forrester also highly recognized the service capabilities of Huawei Cloud, giving the platform 5 points in service support. Drawing on experience accumulated by Huawei over years of dedicated service in the enterprise market, its cloud arm has a comprehensive system able to completely fulfill the service needs of enterprises of all sizes. Award-winning teams provide online and on-site support so you can rest assured you always have help whenever you need and over the channel most convenient to you.

Forrester also acknowledged the dynamics of the Huawei Cloud ecosystem build. Huawei Cloud insists on Three-Nos: No development of enterprise-specific applications, no touching of customer data, no equity investments in cooperators." Huawei Cloud adheres to strict business boundaries so everyone gets a fair shake. The Huawei goal is to provide the solid foundation for enterprise to build their profiles in the new smart-enabled world. Huawei does this on an extremely flexible, stable, secure, and ever-improving cloud service platform while leaving developers and partners the ability to make further adoption for enterprise-specific use. Huawei's stance on cloud service and development neutrality has helped create its leading ecosystem that grew by 45% in the first half of 2018 as more and more partners are being added as Huawei-certified vendors.

Not Just “Cutting Edge”, Ahead! 

Huawei has accumulated rich expertise in chips, hardware, operating systems, and databases. It has advantages in software and hardware collaboration and a long list of other areas, and is capable of providing full-stack, superior-experience cloud services for enterprise customers. Huawei Cloud has built up momentum with each measured step it has taken in adhering to business boundaries and continuous innovation. The results have paid off big as the ecosystem continues to grow at remarkable speed.   

Huawei Cloud Enterprise Intelligence builds a universal AI platform with deep learning, image search, intelligent video services, and a host of other utilities while being extremely secure and easy to use.

Network-enhanced cloud server C3ne has achieved the ten million packet per second mark in network forwarding. With the advantages from the mix of innovative software and hardware tech in cloud computing, forwarding capabilities have reached unprecedented levels.

Huawei Cloud was the first full-stack, full-service, full-node platform in China to obtain the coveted PCI-DSS Security Certification. It has passed Class 4 audit from the Ministry of Public Security on cyber security, further demonstrating the ability of the platform to provide secure and reliable cloud services.

The Huawei Cloud full-stack container platform is a world-leading, one-stop, business- and future-ready portfolio ready to serve the needs of enterprises big and small. It supports a long list of heterogeneous containers that may already be operating resources and customers can choose from a variety of deployment modes. Find out how Huawei can help you accelerate the pace of innovation at your organization with high-performance, high-reliability, and a complete catalog of full-stack container deployment and management services.