Elastic Cloud Server

Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) provides scalable, on-demand cloud servers for secure, flexible, and efficient application environments, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted services.

GPU-accelerated Cloud Server

GPU-accelerated Cloud Server (GACS) provides outstanding floating-point computing capabilities. They are suitable for scenarios that require real-time, highly concurrent massive computing, such as deep learning, scientific computing, CAE, 3D animation rendering, and CAD.

FPGA-accelerated Cloud Server

FPGA-accelerated Cloud Server (FACS) provides tools and environment for you to develop and use FPGAs. With the FACSs, you can easily develop FPGA accelerators, deploy FPGA-based services, and provide simple-to-use, cost-effective, agile, and secure FPGA cloud services.

Bare Metal Server

Bare Metal Server (BMS) provides physical servers dedicated in single-tenant environments. It provides the excellent computing performance and data security needed for core databases, key application systems, and high performance computing. In addition, you enjoy the high scalability offered by cloud-based services.

Dedicated Host

Dedicated Host (DeH) provides dedicated physical hosts on which you can deploy ECSs for your exclusive use, enhancing both computing isolation and performance.

Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling (AS) automatically adjusts computing resources based on service requirements and configured policies to ensure stability and optimize costs.

Image Management Service

Image Management Service (IMS) provides public images by default. You can also create a private image and use it to create or replicate Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs). If you have purchased the Bare Metal Server (BMS) service, you can use a public BMS image to quickly create BMSs.

Create images for free and only pay for object storage on demand.

Cloud Container Engine

Cloud Container Engine (CCE) is a high-performance, high-reliability service through which enterprises can manage containerized applications. CCE supports native Kubernetes applications and tools, allowing you to set up a container runtime environment on the cloud with ease.


As part of Huawei's serverless platform, FunctionGraph uses graphical workflows to coordinate external distributed applications. These workflows can be traced and debugged, and facilitate orchestrating and executing functions to build applications. You can also scale and modify applications quickly with FunctionGraph.


Object Storage Service

Object Storage Service (OBS) is a stable, secure, efficient, and easy-to-use cloud storage service. With Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interfaces (REST APIs), OBS is able to store unstructured data of any amount and form at 99.999999999% reliability (11 nines).

Elastic Volume Service

Elastic Volume Service (EVS) provides persistent block storage for services such as Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) and Bare Metal Server (BMS). With advanced data redundancy and cache acceleration capabilities, EVS offers high availability and durability with an extremely low latency.

Volume Backup Service

Volume Backup Service (VBS) provides online backup for Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks and allows data restoration from backups, offering protection against virus attacks and software and hardware faults.

You can use the VBS service free of charge and only pay for object storage on demand.

Cloud Server Backup Service

Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS) backs up Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks consistently on Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) without interrupting services. Leveraging state-of-the-art protection from virus attacks and software and hardware faults, CSBS allows you to restore data from any backup point in time.


Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers content from origin servers to edge node servers so that users can quickly obtain content from nodes nearest to them. CDN speeds up website response, ensures content availability, and prevents network traffic bottlenecks.

Scalable File Service

Scalable File Service (SFS) provides completely hosted sharable file storage for Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs). Compatible with the Network File System protocol, SFS is expandable to petabytes, features high performance, and seamlessly handles data-intensive and bandwidth-intensive applications.

Data Express Service

Data Express Service (DES) is a massive data transmission solution. It allows large volumes of data to be transmitted from physical storage media to HUAWEI CLOUD. With DES, you can readily address issues facing massive data transmission at your enterprise, such as high network costs and long transmission time.



Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) enables you to create private, isolated virtual networks. You can configure IP address segments, subnets, and security groups, assign EIPs, and allocate bandwidth in a VPC.

Elastic Load Balance

Elastic Load Balance (ELB) automatically distributes incoming traffic across multiple Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) to balance their workload, increasing the service capabilities and fault tolerance of your applications.

NAT Gateway

The NAT Gateway service offers the Network Address Translation (NAT) function for computing instances in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), allowing these computing instances to access the Internet using elastic IP addresses (EIPs).

Elastic IP

The Elastic IP service provides independent public IP addresses and bandwidth to the Internet. An EIP can be flexibly associated with or disassociated from an ECS, BMS, virtual IP address, load balancer, or NAT gateway. Various billing modes are provided to meet diversified service requirements.

Direct Connect

Direct Connect is a high-speed, low-latency, stable, and secure dedicated network connection that connects your local data center to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on HUAWEI CLOUD. It maximizes HUAWEI CLOUD services and existing IT facilities to build a flexible, scalable hybrid cloud computing environment.

560/month for 1 GE port and 3720/month for 10 GE port

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) establishes a secure, encrypted communications tunnel between your local data center and your VPC on HUAWEI CLOUD. With VPN, you can build a flexible and scalable hybrid cloud environment.


Domain Name Service

Domain Name Service (DNS) provides highly available and scalable authoritative DNS resolution services along with domain name management. It translates domain names into IP addresses required for network connection to route visitors to desired resources.




MySQL is one of the world's most popular open-source relational databases. It works with Linux, Apache, and PHP to establish a LAMP model, thereby providing efficient web solutions. RDS for MySQL is reliable, scalable, easy to manage, and immediately ready for use, freeing you to focus on your service development.

RDS for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source object relational database and has a great reputation for data reliability and integrity. It applies to Internet websites, location application systems, and complex data object processing. RDS for PostgreSQL is reliable, scalable, economical, and immediately ready for use.

RDS for SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the world's most popular relational databases. It is widely used in the government, finance, health care, education, and gaming industries. RDS for SQL Server is reliable, scalable, economical, easy to manage, and immediately ready for use.

Document Database Service

Document Database Service (DDS) is a MongoDB-compatible database service that is secure, highly available, reliable, scalable, and easy to use. It provides an array of functions including DB instance creation, scaling, redundancy, backup, restoration, monitoring, and alarm reporting.

Distributed Cache Service for Redis

Distributed Cache Service (DCS) is an in-memory database service compatible with Redis and IMDG. Based on an HA architecture, DCS supports three instance types: single-node, master/standby, and cluster. DCS ensures high read/write performance and fast data access

Distributed Database Middleware

Distributed Database Middleware (DDM) removes the capacity and performance bottlenecks of databases and solves distributed expansion issues. DDM enables sharding, read/write isolation, and elastic scaling to achieve high concurrent access to mass data and improves the database read/write performance.

Data Replication Service

Data Replication Service (DRS) helps you migrate databases online and synchronize data in real time. It is stable, efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use.


Advanced Anti-DDoS

Advanced Anti-DDoS is a value-added service that protects gaming, finance, and e-commerce customers against high-bandwidth DDoS attacks. It diverts traffic to high-defense IP addresses to clean the traffic, thereby keeping your businesses stable and reliable.

Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is expertly designed to keep your website safe and secure. It comprehensively examines website service traffic to accurately identify malicious requests and filter attacking traffic, ensuring top-class system security and stability for your data.

Vulnerability Scan Service

Vulnerability Scan Service (VSS) examines servers and websites to detect vulnerabilities and potential security risks. It offers professional scan reports and vulnerability fixing suggestions, preventing asset loss and data leaks caused from attacks, making your data more secure than ever before.

Host Security Service

Host Security Service (HSS) is designed to offer best-of-class overall protection for your host. It provides login, system, and application protection capabilities to protect your host from intrusions, allowing you more time to focus on your businesses.

Data Encryption Workshop

Data Encryption Workshop (DEW) is a full-stack data encryption service. It covers Key Management Service (KMS), Key Pair Service (KPS), and Dedicated HSM.

Database Security Service

Database Security Service (DBSS) is a smart database protection service. With the reverse proxy and machine learning technologies, the service is able to provide such functions as sensitive data discovery, data masking, database auditing, and injection prevention.

Security Expert Service

Security Expert Service (SES) is a one-stop security service provided jointly by Huawei and industry-leading information security authorities, covering security assessment, security hardening, security monitoring, and emergency response.

Situation Awareness

Situation Awareness (SA) detects typical security risks and offers strong pre-, during-, and post-attack security management capabilities, providing attack histories, current situations, and forecasts.

SSL Certificate Manager

SSL Certificate Manager (SCM) is a feature provided jointly by HUAWEI CLOUD and world-renowned Certificate Authorities (CAs). It provides one-stop management of digital certificates throughout their lifecycles to ensure trusted authentication and secure data transmission for websites.



ServiceStage is a one-stop PaaS service that provides cloud-based application hosting, simplifying application lifecycle management, from deployment, monitoring, O&M, to governance.

Application Orchestration Service

Application Orchestration Service (AOS) provides lifecycle management tools, such as resource planning, application design, deployment, status monitoring, and scaling, for enterprise application cloudification. It simplifies application rollout and reduces O&M costs through graphical designers and flexible deployment.

SoftWare Repository

SoftWare Repository (SWR) provides full lifecycle easy-to-use, secure, and reliable management of container images to help users quickly deploy containerized services.

Cloud Service Engine

Cloud Service Engine (CSE) provides a high-performance microservice framework and one-stop service registration, service governance, dynamic configuration, and distributed transaction management console to ensure fast development and HA O&M for microservice applications. CSE provides the commercial editions of Spring Cloud, Service Mesh, and ServiceComb.

Simple Message Notification

Simple Message Notification (SMN) enables you to efficiently send messages to email addresses, phone numbers, and HTTP/HTTPS URLs and connect applications through notifications, reducing system complexity.

Distributed Message Service

Distributed Message Service (DMS) is a fully managed, high-performance message queuing service that enables reliable, flexible, and asynchronous communication between distributed applications. It supports HTTP APIs, the TCP SDK, and the Kafka SDK.

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Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management (APM) is a solution for real-time monitoring and management of enterprise applications, quick error assessments, removal of performance bottlenecks in the distributed architecture, and improvement of end-user experience.

API Gateway

API Gateway is an API hosting service with high performance, availability, and security. It allows you to create, manage, and deploy APIs at any scale. With API Gateway, you can implement system integration, micro service aggregation, as well as easily and quickly build low cost, low risk serverless architectures.

Management & Deployment

Cloud Eye

Cloud Eye is a multi-dimensional resource monitoring platform. You can use Cloud Eye to monitor the utilization of service resources, track the running status of cloud services, configure alarm rules and notifications, and quickly respond to resource changes.

This freeservice is enabled by default.

Log Tank Service

Log Tank Service (LTS) collects and stores logs, allowing you to query them in real time. It simplifies decision making, helps you perform routine O&M, and improves log processing efficiency.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides identity authentication and permission management. With IAM, you can manage user accounts (such as employees, systems, or applications) and control their access to cloud resources through permissions and policies.

Cloud Trace Service

Cloud Trace Service (CTS) records operations on cloud resources in your account. You can use these records to perform security analysis, track resource changes, audit compliance, and locate faults. Records are viewable for the last seven days via console and can be transferred to Object Storage Service (OBS) buckets for long-term storage.

Tag Management Service

Tag Management Service (TMS) is a visualized service for fast and unified cross-region tagging and categorization of cloud services.

Enterprise Intelligence

Machine Learning Service

Machine Learning Service (MLS) helps you quickly find data patterns to construct prediction models through machine learning technologies and deploy these models as prediction and analysis solutions.

Deep Learning Service

Deep Learning Service (DLS) is powered on the high-performance computing capabilities of HUAWEI CLOUD. With various built-in neural network models, DLS allows you to easily implement model training, evaluation, and inference all with the flexibility of on-demand scheduling.

Graph Engine Service

Graph Engine Service (GES) is a fully-managed, distributed, at-scale graph query and analysis service that provides a visualized interactive analytics platform. It applies to relationship analysis, precision marketing, fraud detection, IoV applications, and network and IT O&M.

Cloud Stream Service

Cloud Stream Service (CS) is a real-time big data stream analysis service running on the Huawei cloud. Computing clusters are fully managed by CS, enabling you to focus on Stream SQL services. CS is compatible with Flink APIs, and CS jobs run in real time, making cloud data easy to calculate and analyze.

MapReduce Service

MapReduce Service (MRS) provides enterprise-level big data clusters on the cloud. Tenants can fully control clusters and easily run big data components such as Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Kafka, and Storm.

Data Lake Insight

Data Lake Insight (DLI) is a fully hosted big data query service that enables you to explore and analyze cloud data quickly and without having to manage servers. It delivers elastic expansion, resource isolation, and fine-grained data permission control. DLI supports both standard SQL and Spark interfaces.

CloudTable Service

CloudTable Service is a distributed, scalable, and fully managed NoSQL data storage service on HUAWEI CLOUD. Based on Apache HBase, it offers strong consistency and single-digit millisecond latency, making it a great fit for storing large-scale structured, semi-structured, or time series data.

Data Warehouse Service

Data Warehouse Service (DWS) provides a scalable, fully hosted, and out-of-the-box data warehouse. It is compatible with the PostgreSQL ecosystem and supports standard SQL statements and BI tools to help you economically and efficiently mine and analyze massive volumes of data, greatly reducing your cost.

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Cloud Search Service

Cloud Search Service is a fully hosted distributed search service powered on Elasticsearch. It is fully compatible with Elasticsearch APIs and provides users with structured and unstructured data search, statistics, and report capabilities.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) recognizes and converts printed and handwritten characters and digits into editable text. With information from images or scanned copies of licenses, invoices, and forms no longer requiring manual input, business efficiency is vastly improved and human errors reduced.

Image Recognition

Cutting-edge deep learning technologies help accurately identify objects, scenarios, and concepts in images using a pool of approximately 23,000 visual content tags.

Data Lake Factory

Data Lake Factory (DLF) is a one-stop Big Data collaboration development platform, enabling operations such as data modeling, data integration, script development, job scheduling, and job monitoring. Thanks to DLF, Big Data is more accessible than ever before, helping you quickly build Big Data processing centers.

Edge Cloud Services

Intelligent EdgeFabric

Intelligent EdgeFabric (IEF) provides integrated edge-cloud synergy services, and enables remote control, data processing, and analytics of edge computing resources.



ProjectMan provides agile development teams with easy and efficient coordination services, including multi-project management, agile iteration management, requirement management, defect tracing, document management, multi-layered billboard, and statistics reports.

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CodeHub provides software developers with one-stop configuration management and secure, highly available code hosting service.

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CloudPipeline provides visualized, customized, and automatic delivery pipelines that shorten delivery periods and improve delivery efficiency.

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CodeCheck is a cloud-based code quality management service for software developers. It enables users to manage and improve their code quality using code static checks, security checks, quality assessments, and code improvement trend analysis across multiple languages.

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CloudBuild is an easy-to-use, code compile and build platform that supports multiple programming languages in the cloud. It helps enterprises improve compile and build efficiency.

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CloudDeploy provides visualized, one-click deployment services and supports parallel deployment and CloudPipeline integration. This standardizes the deployment environment and automates the deployment process.


TestMan is an integrated software test solution that manages test requirements and provides case management, test execution, defect management, and multi-dimensional product quality evaluation. It allows developers to efficiently manage test activities and deliver high-quality products.

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CloudRelease is a cloud service that provides developers with software release and management functions, such as software repository access, software release and release package downloads, and release package metadata management. Secure, reliable software repositories allow developers to manage software packages, enhance software release quality and efficiency, and continuously release products.

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Enterprise Applications


Workspace is a virtual desktop service hosted in the cloud that presents Windows desktops and applications as cloud services, allowing you to work anytime, anywhere. Using the latest cutting-edge cloud technology, Workspace provides you with simplified and secure IT office systems at a low cost.


Cloud Migration Center

Cloud Migration Center (CMC) serves as a unified management platform where you can centrally track the progress of all resource and application migrations. CMC also offers varied tools and methods that facilitate migrations of services to HUAWEI CLOUD.

Server Migration Service

Server Migration Service (SMS) provides P2V and V2V migration services to help you migrate applications and data from on-premises x86 physical servers or VMs on private or public clouds to ECSs on HUAWEI CLOUD.

Object Storage Migration Service

Object Storage Migration Service (OMS) is an online data migration service that helps users easily and seamlessly migrate their object storage data from the public clouds of other cloud service providers to HUAWEI CLOUD.

Cloud Data Migration

Cloud Data Migration (CDM) implements data mobility by enabling batch data migration among homogeneous and heterogeneous data sources. It supports on-premises and public-cloud-based data sources, including file systems, relational databases, data warehouses, NoSQL, big data, and object storage.

Data Replication Service

Data Replication Service (DRS) helps you migrate databases online and synchronize data in real time. It is stable, efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use.


Media Processing Center

Media Processing Center provides cost effective, efficient, flexible multimedia transcoding and processing services for converting audio and video content into a variety of formats for playback on PCs, TVs, and mobile devices.

Video on Demand

Video on Demand (VOD) provides one-stop media services including video upload, automatic transcoding, media asset management, and delivery acceleration.


Huawei offers a secure and reliable end-to-end live streaming solution. This solution, based on a foundation of technical capabilities built up over many years in the video service industry, provides smooth, low-latency, high-definition services, and supports high concurrency.

Entertainment Video Service

Entertainment Video Service has a massive amount of content, elastic storage, and efficient delivery, enabling it to provide one-stop HD video services such as live TV, VOD, interactive live TV, and short video for families and individuals in IPTV, Internet TV, and mobile video scenarios.

Cloud Communications


Huawei Meeting Service helps you better communicate with others and build collaborative relationships with business partners and customers. With simple and efficient videoconferencing services

Contact Center

Secure, reliable, customizable: A dedicated cloud contact center for enterprises, ideal for Internet, banking, insurance, and securities industries.

Voice Call

Voice Call provides cloud-based voice communication capabilities, including Voice Callback, Voice Verification, and Voice Notification. Voice Call is easy to use, secure, and reliable. It also offers stable performance, large capacity, high concurrence, and a high connection rate.

Message & SMS

Message & SMS enables you to send IMs, images, files, location information, and SMSs (SMS verification and SMS notifications) on the cloud. The service provides global coverage, with an arrival rate of 99%. The platform is stable, providing a large capacity and high concurrency.

Private Number

Private Number provides virtualized numbers capable of providing anonymity. By using this service, customers can hide real numbers and use virtual numbers to call and text.

Internet of Things

IoT Platform

OceanConnect IoT Platform connects millions of IoT devices, delivers commands to them, and collects device data, facilitating device management, data integration, and data analysis. Different industries can use this versatile platform to develop their own innovative IoT services

Intelligent EdgeFabric

Intelligent EdgeFabric (IEF) provides integrated edge-cloud synergy services, and enables remote control, data processing, and analytics of edge computing resources.

Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated Computing Cluster

Dedicated Computing Cluster (DCC) provides dedicated, physically isolated computing resource pools on HUAWEI CLOUD to ensure secure service operation. DCCs are applicable to scenarios with high security requirements, such as financial systems, data warehouses, and high-performance computing.

Bare Metal Server

Bare Metal Server (BMS) provides physical servers dedicated in single-tenant environments. It provides the excellent computing performance and data security needed for core databases, key application systems, and high performance computing. In addition, you enjoy the high scalability offered by cloud-based services.

Dedicated Distributed Storage Service

Dedicated Distributed Storage Service (DSS) provides you with dedicated, physical storage resources. By flexibly interconnecting with various computing services, such as ECS, BMS, and DCC, DSS offers first-class performance in a wide-range of scenarios, including, HPC, OLAP, and hybrid loads.

Dedicated Enterprise Storage Service

Dedicated Enterprise Storage Service (DESS) provides dedicated HUAWEI CLOUD-based storage services to enterprises. Optimized for enterprises' mission critical applications such as Oracle RAC and SAP HANA TDI, DESS provides the same superb performance and reliability as enterprise private cloud and simplifies service deployment on public cloud for enterprise users.

ForeCloud Stack

ForeCloud Stack(FCS)) provides financial, government, and large enterprise customers with dedicated cloud service and physically isolated computing, storage, network, and cloud service management platforms, meeting customers' high security compliance requirements.

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