Advanced Anti-DDoS

Advanced Anti-DDoS (AAD) is a value-added service that protects gaming, finance, and e-commerce customers against large volumetric DDoS attacks. It diverts attack traffic to high-defense IP addresses with high defense capabilities for scrubbing, thereby keeping your businesses stable and reliable.

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Product Advantages
  • Great Capability

    AAD has a defense capability of over 3 Tbit/s overall and 600 Gbit/s per IP address. It defends against all kinds of network and application layer DDoS attacks.

  • Flexible Protection

    You can buy a fixed basic protection bandwidth and a pay-per-use elastic bandwidth. The protection threshold can be dynamically adjusted.

  • High Availability

    Automatic attack detection and defense policy matching provide real-time protection and up to 99.9% of service availability.

  • 24/7 Support

    Huawei's experienced support teams provide around-the-clock operation support to safeguard your services.

Application Scenarios
  • Enterprise Portals

  • E-Commerce

  • Gaming

Enterprise Portals

Enterprise Portals

AAD provides enterprise portals with reliable, cost-effective anti-DDoS protection. Multiple forwarding rules evenly distribute user access traffic to multiple back-end ECSs to ensure business stability and reliability.


Pay-Per-Use Elastic Bandwidth

You can buy a pay-per-use elastic protection bandwidth together with a fixed basic bandwidth.

Multiple Forwarding Rules

Multiple forwarding rules and load balancing of traffic are supported.

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AAD provides e-commerce customers with reliable and high-bandwidth anti-DDoS protection, protecting financial services from traffic bursts.


Service Reliability

AAD features up to 99.99% availability, excellent performance, low latency, and rock-solid stability.

High Protection Bandwidth

High protection bandwidth for each IP address ensures business stability in attacks.

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AAD provides customers with stable, high-bandwidth, and low-latency anti-DDoS protection, ensuring stable and smooth gameplay.


Large Business Bandwidth

Large business bandwidth satisfies the needs of customers in the gaming industry.

Large Protection Bandwidth

Businesses are kept stable by the large protection bandwidth in attacks.

Low Latency

Low latency ensures stable and smooth gameplay.

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  • Traffic Cleaning

    Provides high-bandwidth, precise traffic cleaning capabilities to effectively defend against various DDoS attacks.

  • Elastic Protection

    You purchase a fixed basic protection bandwidth and a pay-per-use elastic protection bandwidth ranging from 20 to 600 Gbit/s.

Traffic Cleaning

  • 600+ Gbit/s Traffic Cleaning

    The data center features 600+ Gbit/s traffic cleaning capability, ensuring stable and reliable businesses in attacks.

  • WAF/CC Attack Prevention

    Identifies and blocks SQL injection, XSS, CC attacks, crawlers, and CSRF attacks to ensure secure and stable web services.

  • Traffic Cleaning Accuracy

    Filters malformed packets and cleans traffic of attacks such as SYN Flood, ACK Flood, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood, and RST Flood.

  • Domain Name–based Connection

    Supports connection based on CNAME records and uses DNS to distribute traffic.

Elastic Protection

  • Basic Protection Bandwidth

    The basic bandwidth, available from 20 to 200 Gbit/s, charges a lower rate and provides basic protection of your bandwidth.

  • Elastic Protection Bandwidth

    The elastic bandwidth protects businesses from unexpected traffic surges. It is available from 20 to 600 Gbit/s.

  • Multiple Forwarding Protocols

    Supports multiple forwarding protocols, traffic load balancing, as well as even traffic distribution.

  • Protection Reports

    Provides anti-DDoS protection statistics and displays real-time and historical attacks as well as security events.

Multiple Forwarding Protocols

  • Forwarding Rules

    Supports 50 forwarding rules. Each rule can protect 20 origin sites, improving business deployment flexibility.

  • Load Balancing

    Cleans access traffic and distributes the cleaned traffic to different back-end origin servers in polling mode.

Protection Reports

  • Anti-DDoS Statistics

    Provides anti-DDoS statistics, including attack peaks, numbers of attacks, and numbers of protected ports.

  • Security Events

    Shows information about attacks, including the attack types, statuses, time, and traffic.

  • Traffic Monitoring Reports

    Displays normal and attack traffic by the numbers of bytes and packets; allows query of historical data of 90 days.

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