Application Operations Management

Application Operations Management (AOM) is a one-stop, multi-dimensional O&M management platform that enables you to monitor your applications and track performance and resource changes in real time. It provides a unified data view of events, logs, and metrics, so that you can optimize resources and fine tune application performance.

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Product Advantages
  • Multi-Dimensional O&M

    Provides a one-stop O&M platform to monitor application performance and status, infrastructure status, and cloud resource usage.

  • Association Analysis

    Associates applications with components, instances, hosts, and cloud resources for analysis to quickly locate faults.

  • Intelligent Exception Detection

    Automatically detects exceptions and reports alarms using built-in intelligent threshold rules to facilitate O&M.

  • Ease of Use

    Connects to applications without having to modify code, and collects data in a non-intrusive way.

Application Scenarios
  • Problem Detection and Demarcation

  • Multi-Dimensional O&M

Problem Detection and Demarcation

Problem Detection and Demarcation

AOM monitors and collects O&M data of infrastructures, middleware, and application instances. It supports functions such as log analysis and event reporting, facilitating problem detection and demarcation.


Auto-Discovery of Applications

Applications are automatically discovered and monitored.

Monitoring of Distributed Applications

Distributed applications are monitored in a unified manner.

Notifications of Events and Alarms

Various exception detection policies, trigger modes, and APIs are available.

Multi-Dimensional O&M

Multi-Dimensional O&M

AOM displays cloud resource usage, application status, and performance data, so that you can have a unified view of your systems and respond to issues quickly.


Comprehensive Monitoring

AOM monitors infrastructures, cloud databases, middleware, and applications, and provides one-stop O&M capabilities.

Association Analysis

AOM correlates and analyzes hundreds of metrics and alarm data of applications, components, instances, and hosts, allowing you to quickly locate fault causes.

Real-Time Monitoring

AOM monitors application performance in real time and provides distributed tracing to identify error calls.

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