API Gateway

API Gateway is a high-performance, high-availability, and high-security hosting service that helps enterprises build, manage, and deploy APIs at any scale. With just a few clicks, you can implement system integration, offer your partners open capabilities, and monetize well-developed services at minimal costs and risks.

Starting from ¥0.03 per 10,000 API calls.

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Product Advantages
Easy to Use
Flexible and Secure
Refined Monitoring

Easy to Use

Allows you to create an API with just a few clicks, debug it using an inline debugging tool, and publish it in different environments for iteration checking and testing.

Refined Monitoring

Provides a visualized API monitoring panel for identifying potential risks that can affect services.

Flexible and Secure

Protects your APIs through identity authentication and permission control, and protects your backend services by offering quota management and throttling user requests.


Allows you to create and manage APIs for free, while paying only for API calls and data transfer services. Requires no minimum charges or upfront commitments, and quickly monetizes your APIs.

Application Scenarios
  • Service Integration

  • Opening Enterprise Capabilities

  • API Economy

  • Serverless Architecture

Service Integration

Service Integration

Use standard APIs to decouple internal systems, separate frontend applications from backend service systems, and reuse existing capabilities to avoid wasting resources.


Standard APIs

Register RESTful APIs that conform to the OpenAPI Specification.

Uniform APIs

Uniform APIs are provided for accessing different service systems within an enterprise.

Core Business Focus

API Gateway makes it easy to quickly interconnect service systems with each other, freeing you to focus on the development of your core business.

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Opening Enterprise Capabilities

Opening Enterprise Capabilities

Provide open capabilities for partners. Sharing services and data with partners deepens cooperation and helps build a new ecosystem.


Opening Capabilities

Open service capabilities extend the influence of your enterprise in the industry.

In-Depth Cooperation

Share your services, capabilities, and data with partners to strengthen cooperation.

Ecosystem Building

Through capability sharing and cooperation, continuously iterate and improve services to build a new ecosystem and expand competitiveness.

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API Economy

API Economy

Package service capabilities into standard APIs and monetize APIs on the marketplace, reducing R&D investment and improving operation efficiency.


API Monetization

Monetize well-developed capabilities by opening them to developers.

Capability Purchasing

Purchase well-developed services and capabilities from third parties to reduce your R&D investment.

Core Business Focus

Focus on the development of your core business.

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Serverless Architecture

Serverless Architecture

Define RESTful APIs and bind them to backend FunctionGraph.


High Concurrency

Linear scalability and support for millions of concurrent requests.

Low Latency

Latency of less than 2 ms.

User Friendliness

Interconnects with FunctionGraph without requiring any modifications.

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  • Lifecycle Management

    Allows you to build, manage, and deploy APIs at any scale.

  • Request Throttling

    Implements refined request throttling to protect backend services.

Lifecycle Management

  • API Lifecycle Management

    Makes it easy to quickly build, manage, and publish secure APIs, enabling you to offer open service capabilities with high efficiency.

  • Version Management

    Allows you to beta-publish an API in different environments for dark launching, while meeting version upgrade and rollback requirements.

  • Debugging Tool

    Provides a simple inline debugging tool to minimize API development time and reduce maintenance costs.

Request Throttling

  • Request Throttling Policies

    Provides fine-grained request throttling on APIs for different service demands and user levels to ensure backend services can run stably.

  • Flexible Request Throttling

    Request throttling is accurate to the second, and can be set to the minute, hour, and day, as applicable to high-concurrency scenarios.

  • Backend Management

    Provides real-time, visualized API monitoring, allowing you to identify service risks.

  • API Marketplace

    With API Gateway, you can monetize service capabilities by publishing your APIs on the marketplace.

Backend Management

  • API Monitoring

    A real-time, visualized monitoring panel helps you understand how APIs are called. Data analysis reports and intelligent analysis will be available soon, by subscription.

  • Backend Service Domain Names

    You can specify the domain name of a backend service, to which API Gateway will automatically forward requests.

  • API Group Variables

    Variables of an API are replaced by values of the environment in which the API is published. The API definition remains unchanged.

API Marketplace

  • Monetizing Service Capabilities

    Through the API marketplace, offer service capabilities to partners and third-party developers in the form of standard OpenAPIs. By interconnecting with partners' service systems and deepening cooperation with them, you can build a new ecosystem to monetize service capabilities and increase revenues.

  • Select APIs

    Select APIs must undergo strict quality control; they can be distributed through direct sales and channel sales to boost data traffic.

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