Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management (APM) monitors and manages the performance of cloud applications in real time. APM provides performance analysis of distributed applications, helping O&M personnel quickly locate and resolve faults and performance bottlenecks.

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Product Advantages
  • Out-of-the-Box

    Non-intrusive collection of performance data and easy access without the need for application code modifications

  • Superior Performance

    Hundreds of millions of API requests per day; concurrent request handling; a better ultimate user experience

  • Cost Effective

    Rapid detection of application O&M problems and performance bottlenecks, reducing O&M costs

  • Open Ecosystem

    Open APIs for operation and O&M data query and adherence to open standards for performance metrics collection

Application Scenarios
  • Troubleshooting

  • User Experience Analysis



APM-created topologies and call chains that locate the problem within minutes of an application breakdown or a request failure


Intuitive Topology

Automatic discovery of abnormal application instances

Call Chain Analysis

Drilling into call chains to rapidly locate root problems in code

High Throughput

Up to hundreds of millions of API requests per day

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User Experience Analysis

User Experience Analysis

Real-time analysis of application transactions and the use of Application Performance Index (Apdex) to quantify application performance, helping enterprises evaluate the value of user experience.


KPI Analysis

Throughput, latency, and success rate analysis to better understand quality of end-user experience

Performance Tracing

Web service, cache, and database tracing to easily discover performance bottlenecks

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