Short Sentence Recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) allows you to convert audio recordings into text. You can call APIs to recognize audio files or streams sent from a variety of sources. ASR specializes in Mandarin Chinese recognition. (The core technology of the service is provided by our partner, iFlytek.)

Fees start as low as ¥2.50 per thousand API calls.

Product Advantages
  • High Accuracy

    Over 95% speech recogntion accuracy thanks to deep learning technologies

  • Solid Security

    A reliable, secure, flexible, and efficient application environment that ensures stable and continuous services

  • High Stability

    Proven stability after years of experience in complex enterprise scenarios

  • Ease of Use

    Standard RESTful APIs and various SDKs for ease of use and service integration

Application Scenarios
  • Voice Search

  • Human-Machine Interaction

Voice Search

Voice Search

ASR allows users to easily and efficiently search the web and access GPS navigation or other services with just their voice.



High speech recognition accuracy


Fast and efficient speech recognition

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Human-Machine Interaction

Human-Machine Interaction

ASR integrates a voice wakeup service so that voice commands sent to terminals initiate operations in real time, improving the interaction between people and machines.


High Wakeup Rate

Highly reliable voice activation

Keyword Customization

Customizable wakeup keywords

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