Cloud Backup and Recovery

Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) lets you back up cloud servers, disks, and on-premises VMware virtual environments with ease. If there is a virus intrusion, accidental deletion, or software/hardware fault, data can be restored to any backup point.

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  • Reliable

    CBR supports crash-consistent backup of disks on a cloud server and application-consistent backup of database servers, ensuring your data security and reliability.

  • Efficient

    Permanent, incremental backup shortens the time required for backup by 95%. Instant recovery, minute-level RTO.

  • Simple

    You can complete the backup configuration in just three steps, and no professional backup software skills are required. Compared with conventional backup systems, CBR is easier to use.

  • Security

    The backup data of encrypted disks is automatically encrypted to ensure data security. You can replicate and restore backup data across regions for remote disaster recovery.


  • Ease of Use

    Policy-based automatic backup eliminates the need for complicated configuration and does not affect services.

  • Rapid Backup and Restoration

    Incremental backup and incremental restoration are supported for better efficiency.

  • Secure and Reliable Backup

    CBR ensures the consistency of cloud server backups. Backup data can be encrypted and stored across data centers.

Ease of Use

  • In-Service Backup: You can back up a running VMware VM, cloud server, or disk without interrupting services.

  • Automatic Backup: CBR supports customized backup policies. You can define the backup cycle, execution time, and retention rules to automate future backups.

Rapid Backup and Restoration

  • Permanent Incremental Backup: A full backup is performed only for the first backup. All subsequent backups are incremental. An incremental backup backs up only the data changed since the last backup, which is storage and time-efficient. When a backup is deleted, only the data blocks irrelevant to other backups are deleted, so that the other backups can still be used for restoration.

  • Instant Restoration: Based on the lazy loading technology, you can restore cloud servers and disks immediately. Data is synchronously loaded and the RTO is minute-level.

Secure and Reliable Backup

  • Crash-Consistent Backup: Multiple disks are backed up at the same point in time, ensuring data consistency.

  • Application-Consistent Backup: When cloud servers with databases are backed up, a backup task starts only after database transactions are completely submitted, ensuring application data consistency.

  • Backup Encryption: The backup data of encrypted disks is automatically encrypted to ensure your data security.

Application Scenarios
  • Backup and Restoration

  • Rapid Service Migration

Backup and Restoration

Backup and Restoration

CBR enables you to back up cloud servers, disks, and on-premises VMware virtual environments. You can restore data quickly from these backups.



Automatic backup based on customized policies, backup configuration within just three steps.


Instant recovery, minute-level RTO


Application-consistent backup ensures the data consistency of your database servers.

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Rapid Service Migration

Rapid Service Migration

You can create images from ECS backups and provision new ECSs with the same configuration quickly and easily using such images.



Cloud server replication is completed in three steps.


You can use the images created from backups to provision new ECSs in a few minutes.


You can use backups to create new cloud servers in different regions and AZs for remote disaster recovery.

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