CBS Customization

Conversational Bot Service Customization (CBSC) helps you build AI bots with specific capabilities, such as knowledge base creation and knowledge graph Q&A, task-oriented conversations, reading comprehension, and automatic text generation as required.

Product Advantages
  • Tailored Service

    Meets specific service requirements of enterprise customers in custom conversational bots.

  • Knowledge Graph

    Builds knowledge maps in customer business domains to enable conversational bots to acquire inference capability similar to that of people.

  • Cutting-Edge Technologies

    Uses industry-leading natural language algorithms to understand a large amount of domain knowledge data and automatically generate related dialogs or texts.

  • Professional AI Team

    Provides experienced AI experts majored in natural language processing and architects, capable of solving real-world problems using AI algorithms and programs.

Application Scenarios
  • Multimodal Bot

  • AI Enabling Bot

Multimodal Bot

Multimodal Bot

Multimodal interactions (text, image, video, and voice) are realized by deep learning algorithms across semantic space, such as automatic generation of medical image reports, automatic generation of public opinion reports, visual Q&A bot (VisualQA), and more.


Integration with Multimodal Algorithms

Allows you to customize multimodal algorithms most suitable for different scenarios.

Industry Knowledge Graph

Works with the industry-leading graph engine platform to drive bots for more professional text.

AI Enabling Bot

AI Enabling Bot

Uses knowledge graphs to enable the question-answering bot (QABot) and task-oriented conversational bot (TaskBot) to surpass the knowledge base and acquire human-like inference capabilities.


Improved Bot Capability in Understanding

Provides words pertained to the knowledge graph to help Q&A bots or phonebots better understand dialogs in specific domains, thereby enhancing bot applications in vertical sectors.

Reinforced Inference Capability

Helps build bots with certain inference capabilities to improve the work efficiency of enterprises in more scenarios.


  • Expert Service

    Provides tailored services and quickly develops customized service solutions based on the deep understanding of enterprise customer requirements.

  • Agile Construction

    Builds knowledge graphs fast with quick iteration between updates.

  • User-Friendly GUIs

    Provides graphical user interfaces (GUI) so that users can easily query, edit, and understand knowledge graphs.

Expert Service

Agile Construction

User-Friendly GUIs

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