Speech Analysis

Speech Analytics (SA) analyzes conversations between clients and the call center.

SA uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and predefined rules to analyze conversations between customers and call center customer service agents. It helps check speech quality and improve agent efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Product Advantages
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies Support

    Adopts the cutting-edge natural language understanding (NLU) technology and machine learning algorithms.

  • Intelligent Analysis

    Automatically analyzes all customer service conversations without your manual sampling.

  • Easy To Use

    Allows you to customize speech analysis rules and alerting categories through the user-friendly GUI.

  • "Customer First" Design Philosophy

    Improves quality inspection efficiency by evaluating customer satisfaction, identifying complaints, and discovering important feedback.

Application Scenarios
  • Offline Inspection

  • Real-Time Audits on Agents

Offline Inspection

Offline Inspection

Provides comprehensive and reliable quality inspection services for the call center. Provides intelligent batch analysis of mass recording data in combination with voice recognition and natural language processing technology.


Automatic Analysis on All Data

Automatically analyzes all conversations without the need of manual spot check and works with ASR to perform intelligent analysis on massive volumes of recording data.

"Customer First" Design Philosophy

Helps improve the analysis efficiency by taking "customer first" into consideration during identification of customer satisfaction and customer complaints and exploration of high-value customer feedback.

Real-Time Audits on Agents

Real-Time Audits on Agents

Provides real-time quality control functions during conversations between agents and customers with utilities able to judge customer emotion and remind the agent to pay attention to proper etiquette and word choices.


Quick Problem Discovery

Quickly identifies the gap between the agent service and the customer expectation and reminds the agent in a timely manner.

Seamless Connection with Existing Systems

Provides comprehensive APIs to seamlessly integrate with the work interfaces of existing agents.


  • Semantic Detection

    Users can customize multiple keywords and semantic rules to check whether customer service processes are properly aligned.

  • Emotion and Speed Detection

    Automatically detects the mood and speed of the speaker during a call and enriches the dimensions of interaction analysis.

  • Inspection Statistical Report

    Provides multi-dimensional statistical reports to identify user complaints in a timely manner, improving problem discovery capabilities and mining of high-value information.

Semantic Detection

Emotion and Speed Detection

Inspection Statistical Report

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