Task-oriented Conversational Bot

Task-oriented Conversational Bot (TaskBot) can accurately understand the intent and key information of a conversation, making it more natural and intelligent. It can be integrated with intelligent phonebots and hardware, offering new voice interaction modes.

Fees start as low as ¥0.01 per API call for commercial services.

Product Advantages
  • Accurate Understanding

    Accurately understands user intent and extracts key information.

  • Natural Interaction

    Replies in much the same way personnel express themselves, making the conversation more natural.

  • Stable and Reliable

    Handles semantic uncertainties and allows users to add a corpus for more scenarios.

  • Easy of Use

    Provides the easy-to-use GUI and APIs, eliminating the need of downloading SDKs or purchasing VMs; supports cross-platform API calling.

Application Scenarios
  • Smart Call

  • Intelligent Hardware Control

  • Software Voice Interface

Smart Call

Intelligent Phonebot

Uses semantic understanding technologies such as voice recognition and task-oriented conversational bot in the call center system to enable the bot to automatically make outgoing calls. Typical application scenarios include service satisfaction surveys, reminders, scheduling of on-site interviews, and information on promotions.


Flexible Dialog Process Configuration

Allows you to flexibly configure the dialog process based on the actual service scenario. The bot performs intelligent dialogs based on user replies and identifies and records customers' intentions.

Continuous Dialog Optimization

Promptly optimizes the dialog process based on user feedback, which significantly improves the overall user experience.

Integration with Call Center

Works with intelligent voice interaction technologies, such as ASR, TTS, and IVR to serve as the phonebot for a call center in specific business scenarios to implement obstacle-free communications between bots and users.

Intelligent Hardware Control

Intelligent Hardware Control

Allows users to control hardware devices through voice or natural language interaction, such as setting alarms, controlling home devices, and operating smart speakers.


Easy Skill Creation

Allows you to create new skills within a few minutes using task-oriented dialog engines.

E2E Integration Solution

Helps you perform intelligent device control with the device voice wakeup module required by intelligent hardware and ASR and TTS modules and semantic understanding and skill modules on the cloud.

Software Voice Interface

Software Voice Interface

Adds a voice interaction interface to the software system or mobile app layout. Integrates the voice interaction interface and other man-machine interfaces (such as screens and pointing devices) to yield a multi-modal interactive experience.


Accurate Understanding of Intentions

Uses leading algorithms to accurately understand the speaker's intentions, extracts key information, and triggers corresponding actions of enterprise software or apps.

Multi-Round Dialog Management

Automatically manages the multi-round dialog status and reminds speakers of missing information required for the dialog if necessary.


  • Self-Service

    Users can add multiple intentions, define multiple slots, add more corpus, and re-train and deploy the robot with just a few clicks on the service interface.

  • Complete Dialog Management

    The engine provides complete dialog management capabilities, the ability to track multiple rounds of dialog, and supports status tracing, strategy selection, and automatic generation of dialog records.

  • Quick Tuning

    Tuning is completed in no time with the automated option. After adding a corpus or retraining a model, you can easily verify the effect of the changes.


Complete Dialog Management

Quick Tuning

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