Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect (CC) enables you to establish secure high-speed connections among VPCs in different regions to meet growing cloud usage requirements while reducing operational costs.

Pricing is tiered based on bandwidth.

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Product Advantages
  • Full Connectivity

    You can connect VPCs in any region to build a multi-VPC network without using additional links. Over 10 regions are currently supported, with support for more regions coming soon.

  • High Performance

    CC leverages Huawei's global network infrastructure to securely transmit data through the shortest network path for ultra-low latency. You can flexibly adjust bandwidth to meet your business requirements.

  • Ease of Use

    In just four simple steps, you can build cross-region VPC connectivity to securely connect and use cloud resources in multiple VPCs.

  • Globally Compliant

    CC complies with local laws and regulations worldwide, allowing you to focus on innovation and build business success.

Application Scenarios
  • Hybrid Cloud

  • Global Business

  • Gaming Acceleration

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

After you connect your on-premises network to the cloud through Direct Connect or VPN, CC makes it easy for you to access cloud resources in VPCs across regions. This is ideal if your enterprise has geographically distributed facilities that require secure and scalable network access to cloud resources.


Simple Configuration

You just need to add the VPCs or virtual gateways when you create a cloud connection, without worrying about complex routing configurations.

Flexible Deployment

You can leverage cloud resources in different regions for flexible business deployment, making it easier to scale your business while streamlining cost.

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Global Business

Global Business

CC is ideal if your enterprise wants to grow business internationally. You can use CC to meet the service requirements of a geographically distributed customer base.


Flexible Expansion

You can deploy your resources in multiple VPCs and use CC to transmit data among the VPCs. Business continuity is assured even if a VPC becomes faulty.

Rapid Provisioning

CC ensures cross-border legal compliance and reduces the time required for you to provision services globally.

Gaming Acceleration


If you are an enterprise that provides gaming services worldwide, you can use CC to connect networks in regions where services are deployed, so that gamers can access the servers closest to them.


Reduced Latency

Gamers only experience a minimum lag because they access the nearest game servers. In typical scenarios, CC reduces network latency by 50% and significantly improves gaming experience, especially in multiplayer games.

Game Innovation

You can focus on innovation and deliver legally compliant, immersive, low-latency gaming.

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  • Network Connectivity

    Seamless communication among VPCs added to a cloud connection. Adding virtual gateways to a cloud connection automatically establishes a network connecting multiple on-premises environments and VPCs.

  • Redundancy

    Multiple links are available for the backbone network between any two regions; dynamic routing ensures service continuity even if a fault occurs.

Network Connectivity


  • Automated Networking

    Networks are automatically connected after network instances are added; no additional routing configuration is required.

  • Bandwidth Sharing

    Bandwidths can be shared among all regions in the connected networks.

Automated Networking

Bandwidth Sharing

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