Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect (CC) enables you to build a stable, high-speed network that can connect VPCs in different regions. CC provides you with enterprise-class scalability and communication capabilities.

Pricing is tiered based on bandwidth.

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Product Advantages
  • Fully Connected

    CC enables any two points on the cloud network to be interconnected, ensuring that one-hop network forwarding is possible.

  • Simple and Flexible

    Through a simple three-step process, CC establishes inter-region cross-border multi-VPC interworking in minutes, and is able to adapt to hybrid cloud architecture.

  • High-Performing

    CC leverages Huawei's global network infrastructure to provide low-latency and high-quality experience.

  • Globally Compliant

    CC achieves one-stop global compliance, allowing users to focus on their own service innovation.

Application Scenarios
  • Hybrid Cloud Network

  • Enterprise Overseas Expansion

  • Game Acceleration

Hybrid Cloud Network

Hybrid Cloud Network Architecture

CC can fully connect off-cloud infrastructure and multiple VPCs deployed in different regions to form an on-cloud and off-cloud hybrid cloud network architecture.


Diversified Connections

After Direct Connect is used to connect off-cloud infrastructure to the public cloud, CC interconnects multiple VPCs on the cloud to prepare the hybrid cloud architecture for enterprise service deployment.

One-to-Many Access

CC interconnects your data center network off the cloud and the network accommodating multiple VPCs across different regions on the cloud, meeting the network requirements of both the management plane and the service plane.

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Enterprise Overseas Expansion

Enterprise Overseas Expansion

CC can enable enterprises to deploy their service apps overseas in compliance with cross-border requirements so that end users overseas can efficiently access the nearest enterprise service apps.


Flexible Expansion

CC enables fast interconnection with flexible service expansion in HUAWEI CLOUD regions.

High Performance

CC allows efficient mutual access between enterprise services on high-performance, large-bandwidth, and low-latency networks.

Global Compliance

CC facilitates cross-border compliance to help enterprises significantly shorten the delivery period of cross-border network services and comply with legal requirements.

Game Acceleration


CC allows game players to access gaming services from the servers closest to them. These servers are fully connected using the high-performance, highly reliable, and low-latency CC service, meeting low latency requirements in cross-server PVP scenarios.


Nearest Access

Gaming players are able to access the servers closest to them and use CC to enjoy a high-quality PVP experience.

Best-in-class Performance

CC features superior performance, enabling game acceleration to deliver excellent experience.

Global Compliance

CC achieves cross-border compliance to help game-accelerating customers greatly shorten the deployment period of cross-border game accelerating services and meet legal compliance requirements.

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  • Adaptation to Hybrid Cloud

    CC supports a wide range of network instances, such as VPCs and direct connect gateways, allowing enterprises to establish a hybrid cloud architecture.

  • Simple and Flexible Deployment

    Tenants can deploy inter-region interworking on public clouds and interworking of hybrid cloud networks in minutes through a simple three-step process.

Adaptation to Hybrid Cloud

Simple and Flexible Deployment

  • Automated Networking

    After CC instances are added, networks are automatically interconnected, with no additional route configuration required.

  • Global Compliance

    Enterprises can focus on their service innovation and expansion, rather than needing to interpret relevant cross-border laws and regulations.

Automated Networking

Global Compliance

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