Cloud Container Engine

Cloud Container Engine (CCE) is a high-performance, high-reliability service through which enterprises can manage containerized applications. CCE supports native Kubernetes applications and tools, allowing you to easily set up a container runtime environment on the cloud.

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  • *Private clusters for Bare Metal Servers (BMSs) are now available.
Product Advantages
  • Ease of Use

    Automatic creation of container clusters; one-click rolling update; one-stop deployment and O&M of containerized applications.

  • High Performance

    Container network built from extensive field experience; auto scaling within seconds; huge performance advantage of bare metal containers over virtual machine containers.

  • High Availability

    High availability on the cluster control plane and across AZs; graceful scale-out and scale-in of containerized applications ensure high service continuity.

  • Open

    Support for native Kubernetes and Docker versions; among the first CNCF-certified Kubernetes service providers; top contributor to the Kubernetes and Docker communities.

Application Scenarios
  • Automatic Container O&M

  • DevOps Delivery

  • Stateful Containerized Apps

  • Bare Metal Containers

  • Container Security (coming soon)

Automatic Container O&M

Automatic Container O&M

You can create container clusters with just a few clicks, automatically deploy middleware services (such as message and cache services) and container services, and manage the application lifecycle.


Automatic Management

CCE provides fast service deployment and auto scaling, as well as one-stop application lifecycle management.

High Availability

CCE features high availability on the cluster control plane and across AZs, as well as graceful scale-in of containerized applications.

Vertical Integration

Through integration with IaaS, CCE provides a high-performance container network and supports multiple storage types, including EVS, OBS, and SFS.

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DevOps Delivery

DevOps Delivery

CCE works with third-party pipelines to automate the entire process from coding to deployment. Advantages over traditional delivery include easy deployment, fast iteration, and high efficiency.



Every step is automated, including building code, changing code, building images, and deploying applications.


CCE is compatible with third-party tools used for code scanning, detection, and testing.


Containers isolate software from its surroundings, ensuring that containerized software will always run the same, regardless of the environment.

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Stateful Containerized Apps

Stateful Containerized Apps

CCE uses storage services such as EVS and SFS to provide HA volumes for data persistence. This is suitable for stateful containerized apps, which save data or statuses from each session.


Persistent Storage

Data loss is prevented even if a container instance is faulty or migrated.

Data Sharing

Storage can be shared by multiple instances.

Flexible Storage

Multiple storage types are supported, including volume-based, file-based, and object-based storage.

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Bare Metal Containers

Bare Metal Containers

Containers can run directly on Huawei high-performance physical servers, delivering performance comparable to physical machines.


High Performance

Containers on physical machines perform better than containers on virtual machines.

Fast Creation

A physical machine can be created within 5 minutes, and a container cluster can be created within 6 minutes.

GPU-assisted Acceleration

GPUs are used to accelerate hardware to meet real-time response, high concurrency, or high performance requirements.

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Container Security (coming soon)

Container Security

Security features for virtual machine containers include detecting container escape, monitoring vulnerabilities of containerized applications, and enforcing security baselines.


Efficient Security Control

CCE features automatic agent deployment, default rules, easy configuration, unified O&M, and efficient management.

Lightweight Agent

A virtual machine container consumes less than 3% of host resources when functioning as an agent.

Comprehensive Security Monitoring

CCE regularly monitors vulnerabilities of containerized applications and threats that containers pose to hosts or other containers.


  • Deployment and O&M

    One-click creation of Kubernetes clusters; auto deployment, auto O&M, and lifecycle management of containerized apps.

  • High Availability

    HA on the cluster control plane and across AZs; graceful scale-out and scale-in of containerized apps.

Deployment and O&M

High Availability

  • App Scheduling

    A variety of scheduling policies (affinity, anti-affinity) to balance performance with reliability.

  • App Scaling

    Scaling based on performance load, at a scheduled time, or on a periodic basis; combined use of scaling policies.

App Scheduling

App Scaling

  • Open-Source

    Compatible with Kubernetes/Docker-native APIs and commands; updates from the communities incorporated every 3 months.

  • DevOps

    Capability of building images from Java, Python, Go, Node.js, and Vert.x code.



  • Vertical Integration

    Integrates with IaaS resources, such as computing (ECS, BMS), network (VPC, EIP), and storage (EVS, OBS, SFS) resources.

Vertical Integration

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