Cloud Container Instance

The Cloud Container Instance (CCI) service provides a serverless container engine based on Kubernetes. This engine is compatible with the native Kubernetes and Docker interfaces, so you can quickly create container loads in 3 steps without clusters or servers.

Pay by the second The service is free during the Open Beta Test.

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Product Advantages
  • Serverless Container

    Design your own service logic without clusters or servers to get the full container experience.

  • Security and Speed

    Provides container loads with the security isolation capabilities of a virtual machine and the startup and stop speeds of a container.

  • Pay by the Second

    Customize container specifications by the microkernel and calculate container fees by the second to reduce IT investment costs.

  • Compatibility

    Since Huawei is a CNCF-certificated Kubernetes provider and a major contributor to the community, our CCI is compatible with native Kubernetes/Docker interfaces.

Application Scenarios
  • Continuous DevOps Delivery

  • Web Application Hosting

  • Serverless Container Engine

Continuous DevOps Delivery

Continuous DevOps Delivery

DevCloud automates the code-to-deploy process, improving the continuous delivery efficiency for enterprises.


Environment Consistency

Container images are delivered and released consistently between testing and production.

Process Automation

Complete continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes with just a few clicks. No need to create or maintain clusters.

Instant Use and Pay per Use

Container loads are created as soon as they are triggered. Their pricing is based on their resource specifications and use duration.

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Web Application Hosting

Web Application Hosting

Easy-to-use hosting functions for web application deployment, upgrade, rollback, monitoring, and auto scaling to reduce O&M pressure.


Low Cost and Flexible Billing

Pay by the second based on your container specifications, reducing infrastructure costs.

Fast Auto Scaling

Second-level load auto scaling helps you cope with service traffic bursts.

Automatic O&M

Check load health status in real time to ensure that the number of pods is consistent with what you need, improving high availability of loads.

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Serverless Container Engine

Serverless Container Engine

Meet the container hosting requirements of large-scale users with efficient, real-time instance scheduling and highly-concurrent processing mechanisms for container instance creation requests.


Large-Scale Container Instance Scheduling

Ensure quick request processing and scheduling with highly-concurrent processing mechanisms for container instance creation requests.

Fine-grained Container Resource Management

Ensure on-demand container resource supply with management and control mechanisms for microkernel-based CPU and MB-based memory resources.

Hybrid Scheduling

Supports hybrid scheduling and deployment of X86 and ARM64 architectures, and Linux and Windows operating systems.

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