Real-Time Monitoring

Cloud Eye collects monitoring data in real-time and immediately sends notifications when alarms are generated.


Cloud Eye is available at no additional cost, and the first 100 alarm rules are free.

Multiple Notification Types

Cloud Eye sends emails or text messages to notify users of alarms generated.

Fine-Grained Monitoring

Cloud Eye provides fine-grained information for quick decision-making and reconfiguration, and supports tracking of custom metrics through the agent, APIs, or SDKs.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprise Offices

  • E-Commerce Websites

Enterprise Offices

Enterprise Offices

Applies to enterprise offices requiring high availability, information confidentiality, large data storage capacity, and multiple modes for remote access.


  • Alarm-Triggered Expansion

    ECS expansion is automatically triggered by alarms that are generated if ECS usage reaches the configured threshold.

  • Login Monitoring

    Logins are monitored in real time and malicious login requests are rejected to ensure security.

  • ECS Advanced Monitoring

    Enables monitoring of customized network traffic metrics to prevent network bottlenecks.

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E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce Websites

Applies to e-commerce websites, which feature an exponential increase in traffic within extremely short time periods and have high requirements for data and network security.


  • Integrated Monitoring

    All the monitoring information can be viewed through an integrated dashboard.

  • Alarm-Triggered Scaling

    The system automatically expands or reduces capacity based on the service traffic volume and configured alarm rules.

  • ECS Advanced Monitoring

    Enables monitoring of customized network traffic metrics to prevent network bottlenecks.


Cloud Service Monitoring

Displays the monitoring data of the last six months for all cloud services and is enabled by default. 

Alarm Rules

Alarm rules can be configured for service instances in specific dimensions by importing templates or manually creating them.

Alarm Templates

Customized or default alarm templates can be used to quickly create alarm rules in batches.

ECS Advanced Monitoring

Second-level advanced monitoring is designed for monitoring host resources in public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Website Monitoring

Simulates real user access to remote websites and continuously monitors website status, such as availability and connectivity.

Process Monitoring

Performs fine-grained monitoring for ECS processes.

Resource Groups

Manage all resources, monitoring, and alarm information based on services for quick fault scope location and improved O&M efficiency.

Log Monitoring

Provides real-time statistics, displays monitoring graphs, and generates alarm for log data without programming.

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