CloudTable Service

CloudTable Service is a fully managed NoSQL service based on Apache HBase. It integrates time series and spatiotemporal data storage features to provide tens of millions of TPS and single-digit millisecond latency. It can be widely used in industries such as IoT, IoV, finance, smart cities, meteorology.

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Product Advantages
  • Native HBase APIs

    CloudTable is compatible with native HBase APIs for common table operations and data read/write. The CloudTable kernel and parameters are all fully optimized based on HBase 1.3.

  • OpenTSDB Integration

    OpenTSDB integration makes storage and query of time series data more efficient. Optimized OpenTSDB source code improves performance by 30% compared with the community OpenTSDB version.

  • Cost-Effective

    Data read/write in milliseconds and online CU scale-out are available. Computing and storage resources are isolated so that you can allocate them to your applications in a more cost effective manner.

  • Fully Managed

    Fully managed services on HUAWEI CLOUD enable you to easily apply for a cluster and focus on your own applications, freeing you from complicated cluster installation.

Application Scenarios
  • IoT

  • Large-Scale Data Storage and Query


Internet of Things (IoT)

CloudTable applies to the IoT industry, in areas such as Internet of Vehicles (IoV), Internet of Elevators and Escalators (IoEE), and Industrial IoT.


Time Series Data Storage and Query

OpenTSDB can easily store, query, and analyze massive volumes of data.

Cost Reduction

Time series data can be compressed to reduce costs.

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Large-Scale Data Storage and Query

Large-Scale Data Storage and Query

Structured and semi-structured data can be stored and queried, including messages, reports, recommendations, risk control data, logs, and orders.


Mass Storage

Both online and offline storage of massive volumes of data is supported.

High-Performance Read/Write

High-speed write and low-latency query are available for presenting online applications and reports.

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  • Fully Managed HBase

    Computing and storage separation, architecture high availability (HA)

  • OpenTSDB Integration

    Storage, query, and aggregation computing of massive volumes of time series data

  • Visualized Monitoring and O&M

    Visualized monitoring and alarms, user-defined alarm rules

Fully Managed HBase

  • Compatible with open source HBase

    Full optimization of CloudTable kernel and parameters based on the open source HBase 1.3

  • Architecture HA

    Master node HA, quick recovery from computing unit failure within seconds

OpenTSDB Integration

  • RESTful Read/Write APIs

    Compatible with RESTful APIs of the open source OpenTSDB

  • Advanced Compaction algorithm

    Performance improved by over 30% compared with the community OpenTSDB version

Visualized Monitoring and O&M

  • Monitoring

    Computing unit resource and HBase running status monitoring

  • Alarms

    Alarm management such as starting, stopping, and deleting alarms as well as alarm rule customization

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