Cloud Service Engine

Cloud Service Engine (CSE) provides a high-performance microservice framework, one-stop service registration, governance, dynamic configuration, and a distributed transaction console, facilitating rapid application development and efficient O&M. Commercial editions of Spring Cloud, Service Mesh, and ServiceComb are also provided.

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Product Advantages
  • Multiple Programming Languages

    Supports multiple programming languages, such as Java, Go, .NET, Node.js, and PHP.

  • Open-Source Base

    Open-sourced in Apache, the core framework ServiceComb provides the commercial editions of Service Mesh and Spring Cloud.

  • High Reliability

    Based on Huawei's CloudNative, which serves hundred millions of Huawei Device users.

  • Industry Expertise

    Developed in collaboration with 100+ industry partners with experience in providing microservice consulting services.

Application Scenarios
  • HA Microservice

  • Multi-language Microservice

  • Open-Source Framework

HA Microservice

HA Microservice

CSE provides high availability assurance for distributed systems, making it ideal for e-commerce, gaming, e-learning, media, energy, and finance application scenarios featuring traffic spikes and lulls.


Low Entry Barriers

Advanced capabilities are integrated within the framework, allowing developers to focus only on microservices.

Ease of Use

The GUI for one-stop governance is provided.

Real Time

Running statuses are monitored in real time and configurations take effect in real time.

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Multi-language Microservice

Access and Interconnection of Multi-language Microservices

CSE provides multiple programming languages that enterprises can choose for microservice transformation.


Multi-language Support

Support for multiple programming languages, such as Java, Go, .NET, Node.js, PHP, and Python.

High Performance and Low Latency

A high-performance microservice framework that supports REST and RPC protocols.

Open-Source Base

The microservice core framework ServiceComb is open-sourced in Apache.

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Open-Source Framework

Access and Management of Microservices Using an Open-Source Framework

CSE enables open collaboration and integration for existing enterprise applications using open-source frameworks such as Spring Cloud and Dubbo.


Zero Migration Cost

Spring Cloud and Dubbo applications can directly access CSE, and no modifications are required.


Compatible with mainstream open-source systems, such as Spring Cloud; capabilities for interconnections with industry ecosystems.

Non-intrusive Access

Commercial editions of Service Mesh are provided.

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  • Framework

    Registration, discovery, connection, and governance of microservices; support for REST and RPC protocols.

  • Governance Center

    Capabilities include load balancing, rate limiting, service degrade, circuit breaker, and fault tolerance.

  • Security Management

    Authorization, authentication, blacklists, and whitelists ensure access security.


Governance Center

Security Management

  • Dark Launch

    Weights and API parameters, including user group and region, facilitate dark launch.

  • Transaction Mgmt

    TCC framework (eventual consistency) and WSAT framework (strong consistency) for distributed transactions.

  • Non-intrusive Access

    Service Mesh implements non-intrusive access for existing microservices.

Dark Launch

Transaction Mgmt

Non-intrusive Access

  • Configuration Center

    Release, change, and notification of microservice configuration items.

  • Dashboard

    Dashboards display API-level throughput, delay, and success rate for microservice instances in real time.

Configuration Center


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