Visualize, develop, and integrate your data with DAYU, a one-stop data governance platform from HUAWEI CLOUD. Cloud-based big data storage and compute engines make it easier for you to rapidly grow your enterprise's big data operations.

Business Challenges
  • Data Governance

    • No methodology is available for defining enterprise data system standards and specifications, and data languages are not unified. No efficient and accurate data search tools are available to ordinary business personnel, so data cannot be found.

    • No association is formed between technical metadata and business metadata, so data cannot be read.

    • No data quality control and evaluation methods are available, so data cannot be trusted.

  • Data Operations

    • No efficient data operation platform is available to address the growing report analysis requirements and the business decision-makers' operation demands.

    • Data is not as a service, causing constant data copies and inconsistent data definitions. Data is repeatedly developed, causing the waste of resources while driving costs up.

  • Data Innovation

    • A large number of data islands exist in enterprises, preventing data from being shared and circulated among enterprise. As a result, cross-domain data analysis and data innovation fail to be stimulated.

    • Data is still mainly applied in report analysis, and there are no solutions for promoting business innovation based on the data feedback business.



Product Advantages
  • One-Stop Data Operation Platform

    As a one-stop development and operation platform, DAYU runs through the entire data process from all-domain data integration, R&D of data standard architecture, data connection and value extraction, unified data asset management, intelligent data analysis and visualization, to data openness, helping enterprises build a complete aPaaS solution.

  • Reusable Industry Knowledge Libraries

    DAYU provides reusable domain knowledge libraries for vertical industries, covering industry data standards, industry domain models, industry data subject libraries, industry algorithm libraries, and industry metric libraries, and enables fast customization of E2E data operation solutions for industry enterprises, such as smart government, smart taxation, and smart campus solutions.

  • Diverse Data Development Types

    With various scheduling configuration policies and powerful job scheduling capabilities, DAYU supports online collaborative development among multiple users, online editing and real-time query of SQL and shell scripts, job development using various data processing nodes, such as CDM, SQL, MRS, Shell, MLS, and Spark.

  • All-Link Data Control and Governance

    With support for data lifecycle management, data standard definition, visualized model design, DAYU intelligently generates data processing code, monitor data quality throughout data processing, and sends notifications in real time once abnormal events occur.

  • Unified Data Asset Management

    DAYU supports a global asset view, quick query, intelligent management, data source tracing, and data openness and sharing, defines business architecture, categories, and terms, and manages asset access in a unified manner, allowing you to manage and query data from the business perspective.

Application Scenarios
  • One-Stop Data Operation & Governance

  • Cloud Data Platform Building

  • aPaaS Building

One-Stop Data Operation & Governance

DAYU is a one-stop intelligent data operation platform that provides a complete data governance process from data collection, cleansing, modeling, association, integration, consumption, visualization, to intelligent analysis, helping enterprises quickly build data operation capabilities.


Job Orchestration for Multiple Cloud Services

All-Link Data Control and Governance

Diverse Data Engines

Support for interconnection with all HUAWEI CLOUD services relevant to the data lake and database, and with traditional data warehouses, such as Oracle and Greenplum

Ease of Use

GUI-based orchestration and out of the box availability

Cloud Data Platform Building

DAYU enables rapid offline data migration to the cloud and integrates the data into the big data cloud services. On the DAYU console, you can perform data development, making data warehouse construction so simple.


One-Click Data Integration

Quick integration of online and offline data into cloud data warehouses through configurations on the service GUI

Support for Data Warehouse Services

Diverse data warehouse types available to fit your shifting demands, such as DWS, DLI, and HBase

High Security and Low Cost

Data on the cloud guaranteed by one-stop data service capabilities and stable data warehouse service; personnel freed from building and maintaining big data clusters, dramatically reducing costs in data warehouse building

aPaaS Building

Benefited from years of technological accumulations in industry models and algorithms, DAYU helps enterprises build aPaaS for the purpose of quickly improving data operation capabilities.


Wide Coverage of Industries

A wide coverage of industries including governments, taxation, cities, transportation, and campus

Standard Compliance

Compliance with four-layer industry data standards

Various Domain Models

A variety of industry domain models developed from eight types of data (including personnel, organizations, events, time, space, vehicles, assets, devices, and resources) and their relationships

Quick Usage of Industry Libraries

Quick usage of industry subject libraries, algorithm libraries, and metric libraries

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