Defend against network attacks with multi-layer protection that incorporates VPCs, subnets, security groups, anti-DDoS protection, and SSL secure access.

High Availability

Use 3-node replica sets for automatic failover and data redundancy.


Restore from backup data to a new DB instance with just a few clicks. Use daily automatic backups to improve data redundancy.

Ease of Use

Manage DB instances with the web management console, and view real-time monitoring metrics.

Application Scenarios

  • Gaming

  • Location-based Mobile Apps

  • IoT

  • CMS



  • Various Data Types

    DDS is a schema-free database designed to meet the constantly evolving requirements of the gaming industry, reducing R&D time and costs.

  • Powerful Data Processing

    DDS sharded clusters are tailored to the needs of terabyte-scale databases.

Location-based Mobile Apps


  • Supports Location Data Storage

    DDS can store geographic location data.

  • Supports Two-Dimensional Space Indexes

    DDS provides two-dimensional space indexes to support location-based mobile apps and maps.



  • High Write Performance

    DDS is sharded and provides high write performance to meet the needs of terabyte-scale databases.

  • Flexible Data Structure

    DDS provides various data types to meet the requirements of the Internet of Things (IoT).



  • Diversified Data Types

    DDS is schema-free and provides GridFS and shards to support content management system (CMS) applications.

  • Elastic Scaling

    DDS can be scaled up to support CMS applications with large, unstructured, and heterogeneous data sets.


Effortless Management

Manages DB instances with the web management console.

  • Easy Deployment and Scaling

    DB instances can be created or scaled up with just a few clicks.

  • Web Management Console

    The management console allows you to manage your DB instances and accounts, back up and restore data, view instance monitoring metrics, and set alarm rules.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Provides up to 50 performance monitoring metrics and stores monitoring data of the last month.

  • Various Monitoring Metrics

    DDS measures up to 50 performance monitoring metrics, including CPU, memory, IOPS, TPS, QPS, storage space, the number of DB connections, and network traffic.

  • Monitoring Data Storage

    DDS stores the monitoring data of the last month.

Backup & Restoration

Provides automated backup policies and quick data restoration.

  • Automated Backup Policies

    A custom automated backup policy can be configured. The backup data will be uploaded to OBS and stored free of charge for seven days.

  • Data Restoration

    Backed up data can be restored to a new DB instance with just a few clicks on the management console.

Security Protection

Provides multi-layer protection to ensure data safety.

  • Anti-DDoS

    Anti-DDoS is a traffic cleaning service that protects resources from network- and application-layer DDoS attacks.

  • VPC Access

    VPCs allow you to create private, isolated virtual networks.

  • SSL Access

    SSL encryption ensures the security of transmitted data.

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