Dedicated Full-Stack Solution

Dedicated Full-Stack Solution provides financial, government, and large enterprise customers with dedicated cloud service and physically isolated computing, storage, network, and cloud service management platforms, meeting customers' high security compliance requirements.

Product Advantages
  • Exclusive and Compliant

    Customers exclusively use isolated physical resources to ensure the high performance of key service systems.

  • Stable and Reliable

    Inherited the mature public cloud commercial architecture with its code and consistent experience. Service availability reaches 99.95%.

  • Simplified and Agile

    Cloud service decoupling, quick synchronization of public cloud service capabilities, on-demand combination of cloud services.

  • Highly Compatible

    OpenStack-based, unified architecture, flexible services, APIs, ecosystem with HUAWEI CLOUD, compatible with the open source ecosystem

Application Scenarios
  • • Full-Stack Dedicated Cloud

• Full-Stack Dedicated Cloud

Full-Stack Dedicated Cloud Service

Builds physically isolated dedicated clouds, meeting the high performance requirements of key service systems, and security isolation and compliance requirements for data sensitive services.


Flexible Modes for Cloud Service Delivery

Provides services on the cloud, freeing enterprises from local cloud building and O&M. Multiple business models are provided to reduce the TCO.

Quick Delivery and Smooth Expansion

With automatic installation and deployment tools, deliveries are quick. Expansion of cloud services, computing, and storage are smooth.

Dedicated, Controlled, and Secure

Customers exclusively use the integrated hardware and software stack. Security devices can be supplemented to meet the compliance requirements.

Unified O&M and Homogeneous Hybrid Cloud

Uses security tunnels to connect to HUAWEI CLOUD to realize unified O&M. The homogeneous hybrid cloud can be constructed using Direct Connect.

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