Dedicated Host

Dedicated Host (DeH) provides dedicated physical hosts on which you can deploy ECSs for your exclusive use, enhancing both computing isolation and performance.

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Product Advantages
  • Lower Cost

    DeH allows you to use your existing socket, CPU, and VM software license, thereby lowering cost.

  • Exclusive Resources

    DeH provides host resources for your exclusive use. ECSs of other users cannot be deployed on your DeH or occupy any of your host resources.

  • Security Compliance

    Computing resources are physically isolated at the host level, bringing higher security and meeting special compliance requirements of enterprises.

  • Flexible Allocation

    You can flexibly and reliably deploy ECSs on DeHs, quickly adapting to diverse service scenarios.


  • DeH Management

    You can allocate, query, or release DeHs as well as modify their information or ECS allocation policies.

  • ECS Management

    You can create, start, stop, or delete ECSs on a DeH.

  • ECS Allocation

    You can specify a DeH to flexibly deploy ECSs.

DeH Management

ECS Management

ECS Allocation

  • Automatic Allocation

    When you create an ECS, the system automatically selects a DeH to use for deployment.

  • Manual Allocation

    When creating an ECS to meet your requirements, you can manually specify a DeH to use for deployment.

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