Dedicated Storage

DESS exclusively provides each tenant with one or more sets of enterprise storage devices.

Minimized Stable Latency

DESS ensures fast response for applications with minimized stable latency as low as 0.5 ms and maintains a high performance at 3000 IOPS/TB.

Enterprise-Class Features

Because DESS provides the same performance and reliability as enterprise private cloud, it is perfectly suited for mission critical applications, such as Oracle RAC and SAP HAHA TDI.

Fast Provisioning

With a range of flexible options to purchase enterprise-class resources, DESS ensures resources can be provisioned within 30 minutes.

Application Scenarios

  • When Security Matters Most

  • When Mission Critical Matters Most

When Security Matters Most

When Security Matters Most

Equipped with exclusive resource pools and data isolation technologies, DESS is perfectly suited for industries whose strict compliance requirements are directly related to customer satisfaction, such as finance and security.


  • Reliability

    Each tenant exclusively uses one or more DESS devices, implementing physical data isolation.

  • Data Destruction

    When deleting storage resources or unsubscribing DESS, tenants can destroy data to prevent data from leakage.

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When Mission Critical Matters Most

When Mission Critical Matters Most

DESS caters to mission critical applications' needs so your system is running with higher reliability and performance.


  • Minimized Stable Latency

    DESS provides stable latency as low as 0.5 ms for heavy-load mission critical databases to ensure smooth running.

  • Enterprise-Class Reliability

    Enterprise-class features, such as HyperMetro, ensure the same reliability as that of on-premises data centers.

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Physical Isolation

Stores user data on isolated storage devices for improved data security.

Minimized Stable Latency

Provides stable latency as low as 0.5 ms and high performance up to 3000 IOPS/TB in typical database scenarios.

Abundant Storage Type and Capacity Choices

Interconnects with Bare Metal Servers (BMSs) and provides various storage capacities and performance specifications that are applicable to common and key databases.

Enterprise-Class Reliability

Provides the same data reliability and service continuity as on-premises data centers.

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